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Windows titlebar titile moving from center

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    Windows titlebar titile moving from center

    Is there anyway to stop this from occurring. Everytime I got into documents, music, pictures, or videos folder the titlebar title moves around...mostly to the right. I prefer it to stay centered.


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    weird ,most titlebars run across the top of the opened window. can you attach a screen shot .
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    Shot 1 Downloads centered shot 2 Downloads off to right

    See attached
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    im sorry i look and i look and i don't see any difference ,except for the "disk image tool"
    you maybe should click on the little arrow in the top right corner as show in the attachment ,then click on view and play around with it till you get what you want
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    When you have any particular file or folder highlighted, it shows you appropriate tools. When you have the disk image highlighted, it shows you the Disk Tools - You can Mount or Burn the ISO image from the tool. If you are in a folder with images, this changes to "Picture Tools" - It just depends on which item is highlighted. But it looks to me like the name of the folder is right there in the middle.
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    I am talking about the window title, in this case the title is "Downloads" When you first open the folder the title is centered, but when I highlight any file the title"Downloads" has shifted to the right.

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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    When you clicked on the icon, you will notice up at the very top on that bar, a menu item called Disk Image Tools popped up. That's what caused the word "Downloads" to move over.
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    Yes I noticed that, but and however I was so accustomed to the way windows 7 did not do that. I don't know I guess my OCD is getting the best of me. Anyway is there a hack that can keep it from being bumped over.

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Windows titlebar titile moving from center
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