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No wake up after hibernating and disconnection from mains

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    No wake up after hibernating and unplugging PC

    when I set my PC to hibernate, my understand is that it is being shut off.

    After hibernating, I sometimes completely switch off the power by pushing a button a socket or unplugging the cord to save energy during a long absence.

    I've always done this on the same PC when it had Win 7 installed.

    Now with Win 8 (and maybe some changes in the settings), it's not working anymore, as when it is hibernating and I pull the power cord it does not boot up properly anymore afterwards. The result can be a BSOD with an automatically triggered restart, or that the screen remains black after the cyan-colored Windows logo appears and nothing more happens until I press the reset button.

    Hybrid standby mode is activated but I am not sure if this matters given that I shut it of by pressing on explicitly on "Hibernate" and not Stand-by.

    I'm wondering if it's just a Windows or Bios configuration issue (probably since it worked before under Win 7).

    I don't know if it has any bearing but in my Bios "Deep Sleep" is enable in S5 mode, which as far as I remember just controls if the USB ports have power or not and can be used to re-activate the PC.

    It would be good to restore the original functionality where you are free to disconnect the power while it is in hibernation mode.

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    Before you switch it off physically via the plug or the plug switch, is the computer completely silent and dark, with no activity on the harddrive or fans?

    If you put it in hybrid sleep then switch off the power as before, do you get the same results?

    Until this issue is resolved I recommend you create a backup image of your windows or at least backup important files/data.

    Constant BSOD or improper shutdowns will eventually corrupt your OS and/or your harddisk.
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No wake up after hibernating and disconnection from mains
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