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Will windows 8 operate on former windows 7 machine?

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    Will windows 8 operate on former windows 7 machine?

    Can I upgrade my windows 7 machine to windows 8? I do not have a touch screen. Is there something else that I need.

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    It will most probably work, but I would :

    a) Use the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant to see what it reports.
    Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant - Download and Run

    b) Check the manufacturer's website to see if they support Windows 8 on that model. It may be that you need a BIOS update (for instance some recent Dells need this) and they may have updated drivers and versions of software to make hot-keys work which are useful.

    c) Before you start upgrading, make sure you have a full system image backup. Also if your Windows 7 system includes an option to make a Manufacturer's Recovery Disk, use it now. That way you can get back if something goes wrong (or you want to revert).

    You don't need a touch screen to run Windows 8.
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    My Sony VAIO is prime example of it when I bought it 2 years ago it works well. My laptop is the nontouch and nonpen so its a normal one it I like it.

    Its good to have because its basically two OS's in one and mostly use desktop apps but grown to use metro apps as well.
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    My old Dell Precision 370 runs Windows 8 very well.
    X64, 3.4Ghz dual thread CPU, 4GB ram, 128GB SSD.
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Will windows 8 operate on former windows 7 machine?
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