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Windows 7 Compatibility Mode makes game run as windowed

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    Windows 7 Compatibility Mode makes game run as windowed


    Recently i have tried using D3DOverrider in skyrim, but it seems that if i try to run it as windows 7 compatibility mode, it forces the game to run windowed (not aero windowed, but basic mode). I have tried changing the game's settings, pressing alt enter, ctrl enter, windows key F, nothing forces fullscreen.

    And to run D3Doverrider, i have to run the program as windows 7 compatibility mode.
    What do i do? I have tried disabling DPI scaling, running it as windows 95 through vista mode, taking ownership of the folder, running it as admin, among a LOT of things.

    Any suggestions?

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    There used to be a [ ] run fullscreen option in there, i dont see it now.. Maybe its been replaced by [ ] disable display scaling.

    send a snapshot of your compatibility settings or tell us what you have checked and ill duplicate your settings and see what it does here..
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    I haven't selected the fullscreen option, even thought selecting it doesn't help. I currently am using:
    Run as administrator, and run as compatibility mode windows 7.
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    How about that Scaling thing? I think I read about this, it is supposed to automatically resize your Display to accommodate the graphics of the program, or the needs of the Display you are using.

    I woold try shutting it off, and then checking "Full Screen" -

    Wont the program run in regular mode, without the Compatibility?
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Windows 7 Compatibility Mode makes game run as windowed
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