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f-key functions in tera online

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    f-key functions in tera online

    hi, i'm a new windows8 user and i've more or less got the hang of it as long as i'm careful where my mouse cursor goes and think twice before i click.
    i've come a bit unstuck with one of my favorite mmo's however.
    tera online is very a keyboard-based game, the mouse only really functions as camera angle adjustment unless you're alt-keyed to use the game menu bar. it also uses f1 through to f12 keys as part of the skill bar, which on my old pc was no problem but on my laptop i've discovered i can only use the f-keys if i press shift first, which is having a negative impact on my movement speed in game (not good considering it's open world pvp).
    would anyone be able to post instructions for a work around so that the f-keys only function in the game?

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    Whats the make and model of your laptop, Im curious about the key configuration..

    We can possibly remap them for the game, or make a sticky (shift) key , or temp disable windows Fkey function.
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    thanks for the reply. i actually stumbled onto a fix myself while exploring the bios menu. i'd rather not repeat he experience as i don't like messing with system configuration but at least the keys function as they should now.
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f-key functions in tera online
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