Hello all,

I'm new here, so please bare with me. I've tried posting this question in the gaming forum, but since its more of a setting issue, I think I will ask here, too.

I've just had Windows 8 Home installed over the past months, and have now come across a strange problem, which seems not uncommon from other posts at various places around the internet. The problem is that whenever I'm in a game and any other 3D related program and I try to move the camera or go into "mouselook" - it either goes crazy or the camera starts spinning. I've come to learn from researching, that the DPI adjustment setting (in Display) is the culprit (as I have mine set to 150 - since my monitor is dual resolution, it makes it hard to see the text any lower than that.) I've tried using compatibility mode, telling it to "Disable DPI" on high resolutions and have even tried using "Windows XP scaling" - to which they have proven to work but not without consequences - causing a good amount of drop in frame rate.

My question is... Does anyone know of a fix or a work around for this, other than using the Regedit or Display options, as I really don't want to have to change my DPI or have lower FPS. Would Windows 8 Pro be of help either?