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HP ENvy won't wake up from sleep. Fan spins.

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    HP ENvy won't wake up from sleep. Fan spins.

    Hi There,

    I have a brand new HP Envy dv7 (2 weeks old). I'm running Windows 8. I've read some similar posts on this board, but nothing that exactly fits my problem.

    Sometimes, not all the time, when my laptop goes into sleep mode I am unable to wake it without pressing power for 5 seconds to restart. I read on one board that requiring a password when waking up will solve this problem, which I've done. It appears to be working, though I'd rather not have to have a password to wake up.

    Additionally, sometimes when it goes into sleep mode I will hear the fan spinning relatively loudly. It only needs to be in sleep mode for a few minutes before the fan starts spinning. When the fan is spinning I am never able to wake it without forcing a shutdown. This has not gotten better since changing the password setting.

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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    what power plan are you running on? High performance balanced or power saver?

    single click your battery symbol in your system tray and it will tell you

    If you know how to edit the powerplan tell it not to ask for a password from sleep..

    Do it for all 3 plans incase you switch them.
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HP ENvy won't wake up from sleep. Fan spins.
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