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Are you also disappointed with the font rendering in win8?

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    Are you also disappointed with the font rendering in win8?

    I really now the basics from font rendering (subpixel rendering, hinting....) so it's not a wrong setting or something.

    Windows have only simple grayscale antialiasing for the modern UI fonts and even some elements on the desktop (the bold office fonts "HOME" "INSERT" .... for example .

    When I compare that with ubuntu (which I have in a virtual machine here) or OSX the fonts are so much less fuzzy - furthermore the fuzzy fonts looks like rendering artefacts to me sometimes. Highly annoying. I can understand that there are technical reasons that they don't use clear type anymore, but they should get at least on the level from ubuntu/OSX for the fonts. Win8 it's really unpleasant for me to read in some situations.

    Someone feel the same?
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    They still use ClearType....
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    As I said, only on some parts of the desktop (Office looks definitely like it does not use clear type) and not in the modern UI.

    ClearType takes a back seat for Windows 8 Metro – istartedsomething
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    Hmmm, now that you mention, you kind of can tell there isn't too much font smoothing going on. But to me, it only can seen if I look real close....

    Interesting, considering part of the metro design focuses around typography.
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Are you also disappointed with the font rendering in win8?
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