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The desktop button on the Start screen

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    Hi there
    Most of these things deliberately try and confuse the user into clicking on the wrong download link or make it really difficult to find the REAL download link.

    I'll bet 1000's of you have often been frustrated into clicking on to a site which you think contains the download link for the software you want -- but it's deliberately hidden in between a load of downloads for other software such as "Down load helpers", "Various toolbars" or things like pay for video converters or other sneakware sites. (Sneakware sites are those things like Driver sites that sucker people in offering to find updated drivers etc - and then you have to PAY to access the part of the site you are interested in).

    If the REAL download isn't 100% OBVIOUSLY clear and ambiguous -- DON'T USE THAT SITE -- find another one.

    I'm not saying the links posted in this case by the OP are bad - but this is how a lot of spy, ad , general cr@p, ware and even viruses are transmitted so if the download link is hidden away between a lot of other mush or is not OBVIOUSLY clear then DON'T USE THAT SITE. Also don't use if you can only download via a "Helper" or "external installer" program.


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    Jimbo has a good point.

    Usually I get programs from FileHippo.
    No B.S., just links to old & new software.
    They don't have OblyTile, so I asked them to supply it in the future.

    I can usually get past the meanderings when downloading.
    The links I posted worked for me.
    But, someone with less experience than me could easily click the wrong button.
    I do avoid sites that make it hard to find the download.

    Then again, one should carefully read the install windows of any program so as not to install unwanted junk.

    OblyTile is just an EXE program with no install window.
    Simple to operate.
    I guess it can be described as a stand-alone program.

    The zipped file I attached works good.
    I downloaded it myself & unzipped it to my Desktop.
    I clicked the exe & Obly opened.

    As I hope you can see, I try my best to provide good help.
    I'll stick with it to the finish.

    The following is not self promotion or spamming.
    I have 2 published tutorials & 1 pending publication.
    The pending one concerns this method of making a custom Desktop tile.

    Here is a link to it so you will know I'm telling the truth:

    How To Make A Custom Metro Desktop Tile - Tech Support Forum

    In the download link THEY added,the download link is a bit down the page.
    A better one than the ones I posted.

    Click image for larger version

    They tested it & will probably publish it like they did the other 2.
    I also posted it here in Customization:

    How to make a custom Desktop Tile for Metro
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The desktop button on the Start screen
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