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Is there a very light Desktop Window Manager?

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    Jelly Bean 4.1.2 JCSullins tenderloin_12162012

    Is there a very light Desktop Window Manager?

    My backup laptop has only 1 Gig of memory and It is going to be better if I can disable (or run a very lite WDM) WDM to get more memory. I also can disable "explorer" (Windows) to get more memory but I don't know how to.

    Is microsoft working on windows blue to disable the Metro UI and give us a very small Windows manager?

    How can I get more memory from my install? I already installed and tweak the theme to "aero.lite" and change the background to basic image.

    I will only use it for emergencies (just in case) like data center work using "putty", notepad++ and checking emails.

    My net book (Dell 1210 mini ) specs are , 1 Gig RAM (FIXED), Atom 1.6, Slow IDE/Supertalent 32 Gig IDE SSD ( FZM32GW18P )

    All of the drivers work so it is still OK to use.



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    Is microsoft working on windows blue to disable the Metro UI
    I doubt it. MS are determined to give more metro -not less. It is how they sell their services to the users.

    I suggest you put linux on instead.

    Mint is excellent - I like the Cinnamon version.
    32 bit is incredibly efficient.

    Download - Linux Mint
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    Jelly Bean 4.1.2 JCSullins tenderloin_12162012

    I would love to run linux on it but I'm not very good at it and my USB-to-Serial has only 32 bit driver for OSX or Windows (tried installing SL OSX on it via a retail DVD, but it's a no go).

    Besides I really like the notepad++ (searching and color highlighting) . One lastly, I don't know how to tweak SSD on linux to get better performance like TRIM or GC. But thank you so much for the suggestions.

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    Windows 8.1
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    Jelly Bean 4.1.2 JCSullins tenderloin_12162012

    I tried the readyboost but it says I cannot use and enabled on the device because the system disk is fast enough that readyboost is unlikely to provide additional benefit.

    So what I learned from this lesson is buy a laptop (or a ny gadget) that is at least easy to upgrade later.
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    Both the system and USB device have to support the use of it. None of my USB drives can use it. I think you gotta have USB 3. You got a Firewire connector? Not many new PCs and Laptops have them anymore, I don't know why cos it works better than USB.
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Is there a very light Desktop Window Manager?
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