OK folks what follows is somewhat whimsical but here goes. The last few days I have been playing around with DP, I found (like everybody else lol) that renaming shsxs.dll to shsxs.dll.old (or whatever) to disable the metro UI also disables the new Task Manager. Now, I rather fancy the new task manager, so looked around quite a lot but no go, no hack....

The important thing is that shsxs.dll can be renamed AND named back on the fly without requiring a restart. So what you can do if you use/need to use the normal desktop GUI for extended periods of time AND want the new task manager enabled during that time is to:

First, rename shsxs.dll to shsxs.dll.old.

Second, Restart so you boot into the desktop GUI with the regular Start button.

Third, just rename shsxs like this. Open an elevated command prompt and type:

ren C:\windows\system32\shsxs.dll.old shsxs.dll.

Hit Enter, close CMD.

There, you have the new task manager in your desktop gui.

Now, when you restart/shutdown, just rename the file back like this:

ren C:\windows\system32\shsxs.dll shsxs.dll.old

Hit Enter, close CMD.

You can even make a batch for each of these commands, place them on the desktop and double click whichever you need.