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Adding items to Start Menu Metro Style?

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    Adding items to Start Menu Metro Style?

    Can I add items to the Start Menu Metro Interface (not the start menu like Windows 7), which I am confused about at this time. I am watching a video in the Windows 8 Developers Release version and I can hear it in the background but was wondering if you can put app's to the Metro Start Menu like you pin them in Windows 7 to the Taskbar? Is this possible, and how do you do that?

    Am I the only one trying to figure things out in Windows 8 I am so used to all the older versions of Windows being some what alike and this is completely different thinking for a user. Or maybe it's just me!

    My cursor is jumping everywhere is this Windows 8 looking for a touch device as I am running a dual boot in my Windows 7 machine.

    Here is an interesting video from the Windows 8 Build Conference:


    (Tried using my Windows 7 forums info but had to completely register as new here. Is that correct?)

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    Actually you can pin any apps like in windows 7. It will automatically be in the Metro. I'm also jumping around in windows 8.

    BTW, you just right click the app or item you want then click pin. To remove is the same step. Right click the app then at the bottom right click unpin.
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    Hello in2tech, Welcome to Eight Forums I wrote a tutorial yesterday on the that very subject.

    Apps - Pin to Metro UI Start Menu
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    Nice link
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    With the MetroUI Tweaker for Windows 8 can you now add a program to the new start menu.
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    I still can't get the app's to pin to the Metro Start Menu. Also wouldn't you think that there would be an option to pin to both the Metro Start Menu and the Taskbar at the same time? I have to admit I love trying new operating systems, computers, and stuff...but I keep thinking thing's should work like Windows 7, Vista, etc....Must just be me

    I also have a bunch of green looking folders on the far right side of my Metro Start Menu now and I don't know how they got there. They are soft of wierd system thing's you normally would not want there.

    Trying to take a screen shot but can't get that to work either!
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    To take a screen shot, press ctrl+PrtSc buttons, open Paint and paste, save as jpg file and upload. You can pin Apps by right clicking and click pin in the bottom right.
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Adding items to Start Menu Metro Style?
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