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Changing folder names in Win 8 Explorer. Easy right?

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    Changing folder names in Win 8 Explorer. Easy right?

    In Windows 8 Explorer ( have they changed the name of it ) you know, the file manager. In the left side, the top of the "tree" you have Desktop, Downloads, etc ....

    I created a folder when the pc was new called Jack's Stuff. Later, much later, I decided I didn't like the name with "stuff" ... so I changed it to Jack's Place. Instead of the typical My(fill in the blank). So it changed there. But following through the tree to it's origin down finding it through USERS>Jack ... etc. It's still in all cases called Jack's Stuff. Now this is not typical for XP and before that. I jumped right from XP to Windows 8.

    Why didn't the name change everywhere and not just at the top of the tree? Is there a way to insure the name changes everywhere if you rename a folder. Oh, I tried going through USERS>Jack and changing it but I forget right now but it didn't work out completely kosher.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Jack ":-D

    SOLUTION BELOW! Sorry, I clicked solution here and don't know how to undo it.

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    Well, seems after trial before writing this question I could not get it. Just after posting it I figured it out. You have to rename it in Documents further down the tree, and even possibly check the properties and find the location and change the name there. That did it and it's changed in USERS>Jack too.
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Changing folder names in Win 8 Explorer. Easy right?
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