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Please help a really silly person...

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    Please help a really silly person...

    I'm sorry, but i am really inept and having a hard time getting to know Win8.

    I just purchased a new laptop which came with a free 30 day trial of Microsoft Office. I had intended to set my laptop up with 2 users - both me, but one for work and one for personal.

    So what i did was accidentally install the Office trial on my work log on, when i meant to install it on my personal user account. I realised what i did and uninstalled it and then tried to reinstall it on my personal user account - but the computer only seems to recognise it on the primary user account (both are adminstrator level accounts, but the 'apps' only show up when i log on with the account i created first (even though i re-installed it on the secondary log on).

    I'm really not sure if this is a Win8 problem, all i really know is that if i log on with what I intended to be my work user logon - the Office apps show up, albeit with my personal email account, etc. If i log on to my personal user account, which is where i wanted to run the trial, none of the Office apps show up and I can only use Office through the browser.

    Although I originally mistakenly installed Office 365 in my personal user account, i downloaded the 'fix it' app and beleived that i had uninstalled it from 'User 1' and then reinstalled it under 'User 2' but the computer isnt behaving that way... In any event i'm really not sure why i couldn't use the same 365 install given it's the same computer (i.e. why don't the Office apps show up on the User 2 start page?)...

    I'm so confused... Could anyone please tell me how i fix this??? I don't want my personal accounts linked with my other logon as that's supposed to be for work only. Now they're all mixed up and i need to fix it so i can join my work's Office account on what was supposed to be the work 'user' account...

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    How about a system restore and then try it again on the account where you intend to install it.

    System Restore - How to Do in Windows 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by fourthofjuly View Post
    How about a system restore and then try it again on the account where you intend to install it.

    System Restore - How to Do in Windows 8
    This will likely be the only way you can move the trial. Once you install a trial on an account, it's stuck there unless you restore (physically revert the bits back to the way they used to be)
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    To quote Dr Kildare, "I concur." Once you set up any major Microsoft app, it leaves tendrils all through the system like a parasite, even after uninstalling it - For sure it would have created a folder in the Windows folder containing the install files and info.. And apps like Office, which lock themselves into the user account from which it was installed, can't just be uninstalled and reinstalled. Office should have created a system restore point before installing. But if it didn't it's just a general rule, to make a restore point just to make sure you can get all of it out if you don't want it or you did it the wrong way.

    But if it makes you feel any better, I just did almost the exact same thing with Autodesk 3DSMAX, I forgot to do something before I installed it, now I can only get it out by system restore if my system will let me. That's the other key thing here, "If it will let you do a restore"
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Please help a really silly person...
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