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Very very spooky...sort of....

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    Very very spooky...sort of....

    Scored a Q200E at BB. Nice little machine. Upgraded the WiFi (adding BT) and installed SSD (Kingston 240GB) after reading conflicting reports of "some success" at cloning original HD (also didn't wish to replace 1:1 w/512GB SSD as that would cost as much as machine)!

    Long story short...Asus tech was kind enough to dropbox me a windows ISO (after I recovered key w/Belarc). Burnt ISO to DVD and Win8 installed slick as you please....with (get this) all my previous wallpapers! Really curious as where the heck THOSE were on the NEW SSD? Or elsewhere? Like I said....spooky....

    BTW...Noticed Belarc reports three open DIMM slots. Anyone else get similar?

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    I think if you look there will only be a small portion of your wallpapers. Windows 8 syncs its settings to the cloud and uploads wallpapers (to a limit). Upon creation of account it'll just pull those down.
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    Actually what is happening is when you set your settings there is a chance you had "Sync My Settings" in the on position. What this does is sync your settings to the Cloud so that they can be used across all your devices. Also, when you have to recovery or reinstall the settings are synced on to the new build (install). . .

    BTW, "Welcome to the Eight Forums." . . .
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    Yep! Sync my Settings also saves your wallpaper and desktop Themes. I had to shut that off in one machine cos I wanted a different desktop theme on that one, if you have more than one Windows 8 connected to the same Skydrive account, they will all want to look exactly the same. You can even pull your bought apps down from the store.
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Very very spooky...sort of....
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