Hi there.

I know Ms employees read these Forums from time to time so what seems to me a sensible suggestion:

If Ms is looking for a bit of extra revenue why not make Windows to Go as a chargeable feature in W8 Pro.

I know many external free lance consultants who would find this feature incredibly useful who can't legitimately get W8 Enterprise. These consultants usually work at various client sites - not even in the same country so something like this would be extremely useful for them. The Pro version could allow say 5 or 6 activations before needing a new license -- I'm sure I'd buy this one if I didn't already have access to W8 Enterprise.

By including this feature as well some of these consultants might also be more tempted to upgrade to W8 -- most of them are for the moment quite happy to stay with W7 (and some even on XP) but would be tempted if Windows to Go was made available to them.