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I'm confused about the 'My Documents' in Windows 8.

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    I'm not sure if this answers your question or not. I justput all of my folders and subfolder which I give various names in the MyDocuments folder. I simply ignore the rest of the folders that Windows putthere.

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    For the various user folders there is a special properties tab called Location.
    Right click on one, say My Pictures, and look at Location. It allows you to re-locate it anywhere.
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    There is a folder already on your system for this, My user name for my account is "Tony" and there is a folder "Tony" on my system from default, there are several ways to reach this folder.

    1a Go to the desktop (if in the metro tiled start screen then click desktop on the lower left corner)
    b click on the file explorer (yellow folder) shortcut icon on the taskbar to open what was Windows Explorer
    c On the left side of screen under the libraries heading click on your user name

    This will give you your user folder with My Documents, My Music and My Pictures in etc.

    2. The 2nd way is navigate to that folder via file explorer (windows explorer), press and hold windows key and press E at the same time, double click on C: then users then the folder for your name, this will take you to the same folder above.

    If you really wanted to move you music and everything in to my documents then you can move the libraries but it might be more hassle than it's worth, You will get used to the new ways of doing things, give it a week or 2.

    I would strongly advise you to download and install a program called Start8 (Start8™ for Windows® 8 - Bringing back the Windows Start menu) you can try it for free and if you want to buy it's only £3-4, this program will give you your start button back, My Documents etc etc can be accessed from the new start menu button. It'll be the best £3-4 you spent on your computer!!

    Good Luck

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    I am not sure why the OP wishes to see the hidden and system folders (post #4), but, with that request, I don't think there is a viable solution to his initial request.
    As I said in post #3, The easiest way, to avoid clutter, ( as also suggested by Frank1, is, indeed, to hide everything which has second priority in use, and create your desired folders in "My Documents" You can then hide (sorry, Whitek - the only solution, Imo ) those default folders.
    I have no desire to see the libraries so have removed them from the nav column in Explorer. Arachnaut's solution has never worked for me, I'm afraid. I get an error message.

    This is all I see when I open Windows explorer, works for me!

    Click image for larger version
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    Whow, an impressive amount of advice here. Thank you fellows! :-)

    I don't want to use the C:\Users\UserName\ since that contains the appdata-folder which bugs me. And I don't want to hide files since I want to be able to see what's there.

    What I've done this far is to use the "My Documents" folder within C:\Users\UserName\Documents
    Within this "My Documents" I created folders:
    ...and so on.

    I've also deleted most of the libraries and made new ones pointing to the above mentioned folders. This makes it quick to find all my stuff from the navigation-tree in explorer. I don't like having to make several clicks to reach my destinations. :-)
    It seems to work well this far.
    But it might be that there is a more proper way to accomplish what I've done this far (using libraries feels a bit redundant since I don't use their actual functions).
    We'll see how it goes... :-)
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    Jim gave you the answer...
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    Libraries gives each type a whole section of it's own it's the same in Windows 7 and Vista as it is in 8. XP had everything as a subfolder of My Documents. With 7 and 8 you can also Create a library, by pointing to a folder where you stash stuff. I have about 4 extra libraries I use for Apple iOS IPA files, and other files I keep. I have about 7,000 IPA files, all sorted as to type, date, and what they do.
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    You must have come from XP and are trying to replicate this terrible XP setup. But that defeats the nice libraries setup completely. I always hated the mess in the documents folder of XP. Now that you have a clean setup possibility, you should use it.

    Study the library concept and use it to your advantage. And if you want to seperate your owh files and folders from the system and program generated files, create a data partition and define folders for Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music there. The right click on those folders and INCLUDE them into the corresponding library. Then move your own stuff (and only that) to those folders.

    The advantage of that setup is that your data does not go down when your system collapses and your own stuff does not get mixed up with the system's and program's stuff - especially in Documents.
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    There is only one Documents folder, fear not. The rest are libraries or shortcuts: both like links to the original folder.

    Documents or so called 'My Documents' is found in C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents. The library Documents and the one called My Documents point to the same folder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azasadny View Post
    Jim gave you the answer...
    Who is "Jim"?
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I'm confused about the 'My Documents' in Windows 8.
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