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Internet Explorer opening on Desktop?

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    Internet Explorer opening on Desktop?

    Why has my Internet Explorer, ( app on the Start screen decided to start opening on the Desktop. I did have an IE in my taskbar for opening it on the desktop. I ' Unpinned' the one on the Taskbar but it doesn't make any difference, it still opens on the Desktop. It has to have a simple answer! In fact I've just noticed that 'Wordpad' & 'Notepad' are acting the same way!

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    Hi there
    Did you unpin the "Immersive" IE from the tiles and create one for the "Normal version" of IE.

    What happens if you go into the start screen and type I (you don't need to type any more than that) and launch the version of Internet explorer the search throws up. If it is the one you want then pin it to start screen.

    Notepad is a desktop app so it works "As designed". Same with Wordpad. (At least that's as far as I know - these are really OLD apps so unlikely to be "Metro-ized"). I might be wrong on this one but I'll test it with the latest build (9379) of Windows 8 -- that should show me how those apps arte supposed to work on an untouched system.

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    Hi Jimbo, I didn't do anything intentionally to IE on the tiles I don't know what 'Immersive IE' is. I tried what you suggested & typed an 'i' on the Start screen & IE does come up but when I drag it down the only thing I can do is 'Unpin it', not 'Pin it' to the Start screen.
    If I 'Uninstall' it can I still Pin it back again from the apps list? I did 'Unpin it from Start' & then 'Pinned it back to Start' again, but it still opens on the 'Desktop'.
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    I figured it out Jimbo, I don't understand how, or why, but when I clicked on the 'gear icon' in the desktop IE & opened 'Internet Options' > 'Programs', somehow the box had become ticked off enabling 'Open Internet Explorer' tiles on the desktop. Thanks for your advice anyway, much appreciated.
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    Hello, robinpe. You probably know by now, but to make sure. There are two versions of IE 10. One Modern/Metro, commonly referred to as immersive, and one Win32 desktop version.

    There Start Screen tiles are different in order to differentiate.
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Internet Explorer opening on Desktop?
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