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Windows 8 opens up drives on boot-up

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    Windows 8 opens up drives on boot-up

    I just bought this Dell XPS 8500 with Win 8 on it and although I'm not that happy with this OS I guess there is a learning curve so I'll try for awhile.

    For some reason, after I had uninstalled Mcafee from the start up screen and also added a few items to the startup screen, when I reboot or do a cold boot, instead of getting the startup screen, I am getting the desktop along with about 5 disk partitions and a couple programs that I installed. While this is not bad since I can just "x" out of them, it's irritating and wonder how I can fix this. I would like to ultimately just boot up to the desktop if possible without anything else opening up.

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    Uninstalling Anti Virus software such a Norton, McAfee etc... sometimes will require to download their special uninstaller to completely remove from your PC. For McAfee:

    In Addition, Open the Folder Options and make sure "Restore previous folder windows at logon" is not checked as shown in the screen shot:

    Click image for larger version

    I had mine checked so when Windows Restart, it will open any folder that was previous opened before restart. Also it will by pass the Start Screen
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    Windows 8

    Yes, I did use the MCPR after uninstalling Mcafee.

    I think I may have not explained what was showing with a boot or reboot. What is opening up are empty folders of the Startup Groups that I made which have programs for each group. I have a screenshot which show the first initial Startup screen that stays there for a few seconds then opens up the blank Startup folders in the 2nd screenshot. What I really want is for the Desktop to open up on boot or reboot. I hope I'm making this clear.

    BTW, thanks for that tip on the view folders option, I didn't know that option was there.
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    In windows 8 it boots directly to the start menu, that's how it's set up. The only way around this is to use some 3rd party software to boot directly to desktop. I use Start8 and Mordernmix from Stardock. I get the look and feel of windows 7 with all the benefits of windows 8.

    With your uninstalling and installing of software, I think you have corrupted your system files. I would suggest running sfc /scannow in a cmd prompt and see what it finds.

    SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8
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    Windows 8

    Thanks for the info on running 3rd party software for what I need.

    I didn't realize that Windows 8 was that unstable as to uninstalling and installing other software would corrupt it. My first impression of Windows 8 when I first saw it was that they are trying to make a desktop look and run like a tablet or Smartphone in which if that's what I wanted, that's what I would have bought.

    I'll see what I can do and let you know the outcome. I'm starting to miss my XP
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    I've been using windows 8 now for 6 months with the start menu as it is. It took some getting used to, it really did, but once you get used to it you'll find it works really well. It wasn't until recently I started using Start8 and Mordernmix from Stardock.

    As far as the OS stability, it's very stable...I was just saying that during some uninstalls of some particular software, things can and do happen and it's not limited to just windows 8, it can happen in any OS environment.

    And yes...that the take everyone has that has a desktop with respect to the smartphone and tablet thinking as well. If I wanted that I would have bought that type of thinking and couldn't agree more with you.

    For now run sfc /scnnow and see what it finds and report back because that's definitely not normal with what your screen shoots are showing. Also make sure you have the lates MS update and all your drivers are update even check the BIOS. Even though you just bought this machine, there still could be some vital updates that could very well fix your issue.
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    Windows 8

    Downloaded the Start8 file and in a few seconds I now have my "Start" button. I haven't played around with anything else it does but I'm happy now. Still don't know why those screens came up though. I do have a Dell technician coming out to replace a noisy DVD Rom so maybe I can ask him what that's all about.

    Thanks for all the info!
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Windows 8 opens up drives on boot-up
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