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win8 #epicfail....

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    win 7 - 8

    win8 #epicfail....

    windows 8 is just an upgrading form of win7....

    nothing interesting in 8

    i could say win8 fail....

    i was expecting more from micro$oft

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    Erm yeah, of course it's an upgrade from 7 what did you expect and upgrade from ubuntu?
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    win 7 home premium 64 bit

    I wonder if Sado0og was sent on a mission by "Lord Jobs"?

    The only innovation I have noticed from that "fruity" company has been things that others have conceived and then "they" claimed it as their own. LOL
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    Quote Originally Posted by z3r010 View Post
    Erm yeah, of course it's an upgrade from 7 what did you expect and upgrade from ubuntu?
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    Win 8, (VM win7, XP, Vista)

    and, it isn't even in Beta yet. Must be thinking this is the RTM. . .

    Oh, BTW sado0og a "Big Welcome to the Win 8 Forums."
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    sado0og What did you expect?

    It is Windows after all, seriously did you want it to look like a Goodwill exploded on your desktop like Lion?
    I personally like the UI with the exception of the odd power off placement I've ran it for a week in dual boot mode using my existing 7 and XP drivers. I even have hardware running on it that Microsoft states Seven 64 bit cant "trade secret".

    Anyhow IMO it's a polished diamond in the rough "do something else with the shutdown placement though"
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    Everyone to their own poison (Or horses for courses) . I can only see one single advantage to the new interface - Touch screen. If you don't have one, I cannot convince myself that it is better to scroll around the desktop to open a program (or anything!)
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    He's not coming back is he?
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    I dont think so.
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    Mouse , keys and metro

    Touch is exactly what Metro is geared for. Although one would hope Microsoft or a 3rd party would add mouse combo capability for dragging the metro ui around either before release or soon after. If they don't then they should as it would make the Metro UI more desktop friendly J.M.O.

    As for it being counter intuitive there are features that will make a lot of migrants from earlier releases of Windows want to run back home to Seven and the Start Menu. Hopefully someone reads some of the constructive comments and makes use of them whether they be +or-.
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win8 #epicfail....
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