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Win7 & Win8 Dual Boot - What is the real purpose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there
    Some stuff just doesn't work yet on W8 -- For example here's a SAP test application -- SAP is used by literally 1000's of companies. The connection (SAPGUI) works fine in W7 but not in W8.

    Before companies -- or even individuals -- can change an OS they have to ensure that their software works -- and believe me upgrading a SAP system is a HUGE undertaking that can take YEARS.

    So some people Dual boot --to test the new OS without destroying the OLD (working) OS.

    IMO most of this testing is done better using Virtual Machines - but sometimes you DO need to test on real physical hardware.

    Here's the screenshot of a tiny test SAP application -- it calls a Web service ("Web Dynpro") to display some Airline flight info-- just a test application from a small SAP version ("MiniSAP") you can download (FREE) and install on a laptop for testing / developing this type of stuff.

    SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 64-bit Developer Edition

    (Warning - if you haven't done this before or have no experience with SAP this is NOT easy -- you need a LOT of patience but it's worth it and some of these SAP consultants get paid a lot of money. This is a GREAT learning tool - but it's probably totally unlike any other piece of software you've ever installed).

    The SAP application gets the data from the SAP databases and then calls the SAP web dynpro web service to display it in the IE web browser.

    The application runs fine on even a W7 virtual machine (although IE9 not IE10 which also fails) but won't even INSTALL on W8.

    So, it seems that MS did not only overhauled the UI for Win 8 but also limited the application to home/personal use? For Win 8 tablets I could understand that. But for desktop PCs? This is just like the Vista which was never adapted for big company utilization.

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    Hi there
    I'd imagine that since companies were just starting to roll out W7 Ms decided that they wouldn't be interested in yet ANOTHER OS upgrade before even finishing the W7 roll out. As such Ms probably only tested typical "Consumer" type applications as well as their own Office / Mssql server stuff.

    They certainly wouldn't at this time have dedicated resources to testing complex back end ERP type of applications such as SAP. They'd have to spend a LOT of time working with companies like SAP / ORACLE etc - and these types of applications are about as far away from a mobile phone as you can get -- although it IS possible via scanning software (Bar code readers etc) to INPUT data into these types of applications. In general you'd need specific hardware for this type of software -- same as Automated Warehouse Management systems using RF devices etc.

    I doubt whether SAP will be W8 enabled anytime soon. Ms won't care as they still have the W7 licenses from these organisations.
    This is probably why even though W8 is out that W7 has a guaranteed life cycle to at least 2020.

    W7 will probably still be around even when Windows 12 appears !!!. There's no way on this planet (or any other one) that ANY of this ERP type of software could conceivable be run in "Metro mode".

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Win7 & Win8 Dual Boot - What is the real purpose?
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