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About to uninstall 8 and put Windows 7 on computer

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    About to uninstall 8 and put Windows 7 on computer

    I've kinda had it with this OS. I thought I would upgrade from Vista to 8 but am finding that was a mistake so far. Windows 8 seems to be very fast with the internet and I've figured out how to get around in it over the past week but I'm frustrated with not being able to do the things I want to do with it.

    I use my computer to play DVD movies for the kids, surf the web, use Excel, Word, other programs to make signs and fliers for work, open files, PLAY GAMES, etc. I can't do the more important things like play DVDs for the kids or play games. It wont play DVDs even after I downloaded and installed VLC Player. I've tried to play EVE online and it just freezes up with that even after I've completely turned off Windows Defender. I tried downloading and playing a few other online games from Steam but they just crash my computer.

    I ordered a new video card and will install that hoping to fix some of these problems but I'm not happy at all with 8 so far.

    I don't have a problem with no Start button or using the Metro app setup. I do have a problem with the computer not doing what it used to. I understand the reason for not including a dvd playback device but there should be an app for it or something. Posts on other forums complain that even Media Center won't play DVDs even after it was bought from the app store. I know the new wave is to pay for a movie and have it streamed in online but what about the dvd collections most of us have?

    I've installed all the updates I can find and nothing helps. I'm not complaining as much as I'm looking for help and advice on how to get this system doing what I want. Thanks for any input.

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    I'm able to do all of those activities you are having issues with. In fact my windows 8 machine is my primary computer for gaming and video.

    Have you:

    1. Updated all your hardware drivers to the windows 8 versions?
    2. Try a clean install. Aka. Wipe the drive and install windows 8?
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    I upgraded from a Vista installation, choosing to keep personal files and folders. I can move those over to an external HD and re-install I suppose. I think I saw a file in the Settings area to reinstall 8. I don't want to wipe the HD cause I only have an Upgrade version, not a full install disk. Don't wanna have to dig out the old Windows 3.1 install disks either, lol.

    If you play games, have you been able to download from Steam and run them? I tried that last night with Fortress or something and when I tried to run it, it simply crashed the computer.
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    Do the clean install as I'm doing the same things you are and I'm not having any issues. Don't give up yet...
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    Have a look at this, Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
    Upgrades almost always have issues.
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    Yes, I had many, many issues when I tried the upgrade and dual boot, but now I'm running after a clean install and no issues at all...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roddrick7 View Post
    I've kinda had it with this OS. I thought I would upgrade from Vista to 8 but am finding that was a mistake so far. Windows 8 seems to be very fast with the internet and I've figured out how to get around in it over the past week but I'm frustrated with not being able to do the things I want to do with it.
    You should be able to do essentially everything from the Windows 8 desktop (e.g., install a browser other than IE on the desktop or use IE exclusively from the desktop) that you could do from your prior setup--well, except for play DVD's. If you can get something that will work for your DVD's, then just forget using the metro start screen (except if absolutely necessary), and focus all attention on the desktop. Unless you simply can't do otherwise, start everything you want to do from the desktop. What are some of the other things you want to do and can't. Maybe you don't need to reinstall.

    Also, if you decide to reinstall, for simplicity, you could do a refresh.

    Refresh Your PC in Win8—Attempts to solve system problems by replacing system files without affecting user data files. Such files still should be backed up off computer. Installed programs will have to be reinstalled except those from the Windows Store. A list of uninstalled programs is provided on desktop. Your personalization settings will be maintained. System settings will be set to defaults. A Windows.old folder will be created at C:. You can delete it once you have everything you want from it--Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8.
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    Cool! Thanks for the help. I found a section under settings (?), that allowed me to remove all my old files from my "old" computer to a "new" computer, i.e. my external HD. It named itself something like Windows Files from Old Computer. Looks like all I have to do is "recover" the C: drive with a wipe and reinstall clean Windows 8. I'll try that. So far, the computer works and I got the VLC to play movies (not sure how). I think my biggest problem is upgrading the video from onboard ATI 3000 to GeForce 560i GT. I checked the performance of my computer at some microsoft site and it scored in the 6.9 out of possible 9.9 range on everything except the video card. I'm going to upgrade the bios as well.

    I don't mind using the Metro side of the computer and I've gotten used to the speed. If I can get it so it plays dvds and games pretty well, I'll be an advocate of the OS.

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    I've never seen Windows 8 not play a DVD...even with VLC player installed. That is odd.
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    You have to format your local disk c:
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About to uninstall 8 and put Windows 7 on computer
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