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Start Screen went blank after Sleep - Can't add icons

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    Drum roll, please!

    I've heard/read and thinking that it has to do with accounts. Somehow the account get's screwed up. I've heard of people creating another account and delete the old to work around it, although it did not work for all.

    Whatever you do I suggest the three gospel words: Backup, backup, and backup.

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    Nope, only one account ever on this system.

    Very strange. I can't even restore to a previous restore point. It just hangs saying "System Restore Is Initializing".

    Update: It appears it's not hung up. It's just taking incredibly long. Never seen it take this long to restore before. It's now saying, "restoring registry". More than an hour so far. But slow is better than stopped.
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    Took over 2 hours to complete the restore but it's back to working and my tiles are back.
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    That's good news, Mike! 2 hours! Glad you were patient to let it run. :thumbup:

    Too bad we'll never know what caused the problem. My theory is that some updates mess up accounts. Please watch for that.

    Mark it solved. Let 'er rip!
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    And the first thing I did was clean up my system, update everything, test it, then created a restore point. Tomorrow I'm moving my backup software to that computer and do a full backup. Not sure why I didn't put it there already.
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    Lol! With me at my age it's preoccupation.

    There's a thread on disappearing restore points with dual booting with 7. Coincidentally I checked to make sure I had one this morning.

    You don't use the Windows 8 backup?

    I'll assume my theory is wrong since you updated and all is well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Lol! With me at my age it's preoccupation.

    You don't use the Windows 8 backup?
    Nope! I use a program called Acronis Backup. I'm a bit picky about backups, when I use them. I expect them to work. Most people never test theirs to see if they actually work.

    When I went to Version 7, I had 2 SSD drives. After the install, and when everything was tweaked just write. I made a clone copy of my OS onto the 2nd drive, using Acronis clone. Then, to test that it was exact, I pulled the first drive and put in the 2nd. It worked perfectly. So, now that I had two identical copies, I made a full backup of one drive, onto a 3rd drive. Then I deliberately trashed the contents of one of the SSD and did a full restore. Brought it back without even as much as an icon in a different place. So that's what I use.
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    Ok. I see. You're speaking of mirroring. I thought you meant file backup. Mirroring is bestest and fastest.
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Start Screen went blank after Sleep - Can't add icons
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