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pop up window on internet 10,windows 8

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    pop up window on internet 10,windows 8

    I get a pop up window that says A problem caused the program to stop working correctly windows will close the program and notify you if solution available.
    please help,dont' know what the problem is ...thank you

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, nanhug44.

    Does it happen all the time or frequently? Does it close out and restart to the last page you were on?
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    Run CCleaner and see if the registry cleaner helps...
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    It happens most of the time ...and is Ccleaner the same as PC tool ( I have that ). I just ran Ccleaner and says I have over 1000 things wrong! I just got my new comp in gosh how could that happen? Sound like the internet exp 10 is my problem.wonder what would cause it .
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    Is that exactly what the message said?
    perhaps it said their were that many errors?? That could mean only that there are entries in the registry which do not relate to anything you have installed.
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    1000 things wrong does seem to be a lot for sure. Not only the OS updating things, but it also depends on how much software you install and more importantly how much one uninstalls, for crap is left behind in the registry. This is due to poorly written uninstall programs. I think it to be safe with CCleaner to fix the issues. Make sure you use the backup option if you do.

    I don't know PC tool, but one must be careful of 3rd party maintenance programs. Most will damage the system more than help. CCleaner I find is good. I think most on the forum will agree.

    I was in IE10 (desktop) the other day doing something (I can't remember what) and it crashed a few times, but recovered. It happens from time to time. Not a big thing really, just as long as it's not frequent.

    Have you run the temp file cleaner side of CCleaner? How about virus scans and Defrag? Are those being performed regularly? Dskchk I see is automated in 8, but running that may not be a bad idea. It won't hurt.

    Any issues in your Action Center?
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    Is there a free version of Ccleaner? or how much is it ..I have registry mechanic would that be kind of the same or not ..still having the problem .it does't happen all the time ..but when I click a new tab..on top ..sometimes this comes up..drives you nuts...also sometimes it goes to a blank pg.with another message....have to keep clicking to get it off.
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    I'm not familiar with Registry Mechanic. Is it MS certified?

    Free version or can buy Pro CCleaner:
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pop up window on internet 10,windows 8
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