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Three minor issues w/ Windows 8

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    Three minor issues w/ Windows 8

    Besides the problems with not getting multiple system images, as reported elsewhere on this forum and the issue with Task Manager not showing changing CPU frequency when Hyper-V is enabled, I have 3 minor issues with my Win 8 installation:

    1) After logging in the Start Screen disappears automagically, as if someone presses Enter (the Desktop tile is the first, upper-left one). I know that a lot of people would like to get to the desktop automatically but I don't like knowing something is different on my PC.
    2) Often pop-up windows appear behind other windows. For example when I drag and drop a file between two Explorer windows, the Copy Progress window often opens behind one of the Explorer windows.
    3) When the PC awakes from sleep, windows that were open on my second monitor when it went to sleep all re-appear on the left (first) monitor, stuck against the left border, and I end up moving them back to their original position manually.

    Is anyone else having these issues?

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    1. Go to folder option and check as shown in the screenshot.

      Click image for larger version
    2. Win+X->Run->Regedit, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
      - set ForegroundFlashCount=3 if different. Make sure decimal is selected
      - set ForegroundLockTimeout=200000 if different. Make sure decimal is selected

      Click image for larger version
    3. I don't have this problem but my guess is due to the behavior of your Video Driver.
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    @topgundcp Thanks a lot!

    1) Indeed, that's it! Strange that so many people are complaining it's not possible to boot to the desktop...

    2) I'm going to try that. The first value was 7, now changed to 3. The second was already 20000. I'll report back if the 'problem' disappears.

    3) I no longer have this so I guess one of the updates solved it.
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Three minor issues w/ Windows 8
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