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I am extracting the RAR file Then it's automatically hidin

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    I am extracting the RAR file Then it's automatically hidin

    A video rar file i extracted then it's automatically hiding...pls help

    Empty folder have memory !!

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    Look in 7-Zip first: See attributes... an H means hidden... right click -> properties from 7-Zip and uncheck the hidden property.

    Click image for larger version

    If this doesn't work, you might have got some malware to yourself.
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    it's Attributes showing "A"
    it's not malware...
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    yeah worked ..
    i posted first pic ...while extracting i clicked the properties
    then i checked it read only & hidden and then i applied it...
    but not closed it properties dialogue box..
    same time i unchecked again read only & hidden and then applied...
    now file is showing !!
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I am extracting the RAR file Then it's automatically hidin
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