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New Win8 laptop arriving, wish to Dual Boot with Seven

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    Thanks Si. I will have both EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation (v5.8) Giveaway and the Paragon Pro you linked me which I just registered for. How about if I make an image with each from the installed program?

    Anyone have tips on imaging and reimaging a full HD with preinstalled OEM Win8?

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    Pretty obvious how to do it with paragon - I untick Tools>Settings>Backup image options>Control archive integrity and untick image splitting.

    Normal compression works best for me.

    Get the BMB additional download from your paragon account to create a 64 but uefi bootable winpe - you would need to use WADK (not waik ) for that to be ok with secure boot.

    Ther is another called RMB for creating bootable usb only - not many options with it - so I would stick with BMB.
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    Machine arrived. Under Security in BIOS Secure Boot is greyed out with the only choice to Disable Secure Boot flow beneath it.
    Do I need to set up an Admin password to get access to Disable Secure Boot? What if I dont' want to boot with a password?

    There is a CSM setting to Enable under Boot. When I enable it it asks if I want PXE OPRom also enabled. Is this how I get access to UEFI Bootable USB or DVD?

    The i5 is lightning fast but internet is strangely slow as molasses. My other laptop just warned me that another PC on the network is using the same IP address, so I shut it down and power cycled Router but the new Asus still has ridiculously slow internet.
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    How to ENABLE CSM.

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Windows 8 Support Information

    Quote Originally Posted by ASUS
    How do I boot to DOS with USB Flash drive or USB CD-ROM?

    Enter the BIOS setup menu by pressing and holding F2 key when powering on.
    Switch to "Boot" and set “Lunch CSM” to Enabled.
    Switch to "Security" and set "Secure Boot Control" to Disabled.
    Press F10 to save and exit.
    Press and hold ESC key to lunch boot menu when the notebook restarts.
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    I'm a bit late here but for 15days... You could install 7 on a VHD and dual boot without partitioning. UEFI and SecureBoot should be working normal.

    Windows 8 VHD - Create at Boot to Dual Boot with
    or better
    Virtual Hard Drive VHD File - Create and Start with at Boot - Windows 7 Help Forums

    And if you consider VM's: VMware Player 5 provides great performance. I use it on Win8 host and I can confirm that Win7 as a VM works nicely.
    VMware Player: Run Windows 8, Chrome OS on a Virtual PC

    By the way, thanks for one of your posts of a Easeus giveaway link, I've installed Todo Backup as well.
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    Thanks, I just ran an Easeus backup of the entire HD fresh from the factory.

    It only wanted to include the 300mb System and C drives, so I ticked the other two partitions marked Recovery.

    As soon as it began backup it warned me it didn't support those other partitions format without drive letter but that it would back them up sector-by-sector. I OK'd this and it proceeded.

    Since this version of Easeus says it supports Win8 you'd think it would be prepared for the full UEFI System partitioning and not give disturbing cryptic messages about partitions expected to be on there. Do you think I'll be okay with it?

    I want to also make the Recovery media but it wants a 16gb flash stick which it says it will wipe clean first and I don't want to sacrifice it. I need to find another way to do this. I'd temporarily load it onto my 16gb Kingston data traveler if I can offload it to External for storage. Any suggestions?
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    I would go with Paragon 12 & Windows backup.
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    I would not trust your backup unless you have a hard drive or something to test it with. I usually use Acronis and Macrium and both have worked out ok. However, with secureboot and UEFI support, neither product worked and got me back to a bootable machine.

    I since switched to Paragan Backup and Restore 12, created an UEFI boot USB key and it works perfectly. I lose 2-3 days testing with various backup and restore programs failing over and over and over again.
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    It's ok Greg is getting Paragon. Should be fine.

    I would definitely do a paragon image before attempting anything else.

    I have been using Paragon for a few years - forum regulars will know that already - never failed me in a backup/restore.
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    I would like to also thank all of the poster here. I have learned a great deal though most of it will be forgotten by tomorrow. . .
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New Win8 laptop arriving, wish to Dual Boot with Seven
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