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mystery unclearable window

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    mystery unclearable window

    On my laptop screen there has suddenly appeared a 'blank' window, associated with a tab that, when opened, identifies as
    "Intel Services Manager
    Pin this program to taskbar
    Close window"

    Nothing I do will remove the tab or the window. The problem persists through a power-off/restart cycle.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Do you have a system repair disc or the equivalent. If so, then try to do an automatic repair (i.e., a startup repair). Try up to 3 times. You may end up needing to try a refresh:

    Refresh Your PC in Win8—Attempts to solve system problems by replacing system files without affecting user data files. Such files still should be backed up off computer. Installed programs will have to be reinstalled except those from the Windows Store. A list of uninstalled programs is provided on desktop. Your personalization settings will be maintained. System settings will be set to defaults. A Windows.old folder will be created at C:. You can delete it once you have everything you want from it--Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8.
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    Thanks ZNOD, but I don't have supplementary disks. I somehow thought this problem would be simple.
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    Look through the installed programs list under "uninstall a program" to see if there is any Intel related software installed. The names might give you a hint as to what is showing up in the strange window. I have a few like "Intel storage matrix" and similar. Try uninstalling Intel related software and rebooting to see if the problem goes away. The computer should pick up the uninstalled software and reinstall automatically. If that doesn't do the trick see if you can find the software installation disks or files and do a re-install of the Intel stuff.
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    no wiser, but not so sad

    Thank you for your suggestions. I can report that in the 3 days since posting the original query, and while waiting to see if a TRIVIALLY EASY solution might appear, the problem has fixed itself. I can only speculate that some unknown update detected and fixed the error, or that some process finally timed itself out.

    Anyway, folks, I can offer no great insight to anyone with a similar problem, other than "time heals"!

    I'll keep the suggestions on file, in case the problem resurfaces.

    Thanks again.
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mystery unclearable window
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