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How to quit those Metro Apps

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    Agreed, I was just answering the question that was asked. But yeah, totally agree with you. I'm sure they will make the interface more intuitive as the development moves forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    I hope that isn't how it will end up.

    Those apps. in so called suspended mode are using ram .

    One or two won't matter much - but there may be dozens.

    I don't think most average users are aware of the keyboard shortcuts - it would be better if the apps. shut down properly.

    Hi there -- actually this is one area where even a modern OS like W8 borrows from an older but classical OS -IBM MVS/370 designed on mainframes of around the 1970's as the really first commercially viable multi tasking OS that used "Paging".

    Suspended apps even in W8 are actually "Paged" or "swapped" out and are written to scratch disk (usually the system paging or swapping device). They don't consume active RAM while "Swapped " or "Paged" out.

    Note : there IS a difference between paging and swapping but that's beyond the scope of this post however. For this purpose you can treat the two as being identical.

    The apps only consume active RAM when the user wants to re-activate them and the "Task Dispatcher" has to shuffle the current applications around to suspend those that aren't actually running to "page" or "swap" in the apps that are requested.

    Android apps work similarly -- you don't actually shut an app down on one of these phones --it's just "pushed to the side" off the screen until it's required again.

    Once you get used to the idea and treat the OS as more of a "Mobile phone" or "Tablet" OS with extensions that are specifically required for use in a laptop / desktop OS then I think you will find it actually a great OS.

    One has to get away from the idea of W8 being W7 extra --It's a NEW OS based on different ways of working (although of course you can fiddle around with it to make it behave as a W7 "clone" --which isn't what it was designed for).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    It doesn't matter so much since they are suspended so you can go right back to them right away. Sounds great, but yeah, I do feel somewhat the same way; it's kind of annoying to hit Win+Tab and have to shuffle through five Metro apps before I hit the Desktop...
    I didn't know that, but if you hit Win - Tab and right click the mousebutton, then you will see a CLOSE button. I think that will close the program completed.
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    Haven't used Windows 8 much but in the latest version you can just drag your cursor to the top left corner and fully close apps there. With that said, do all these background apps hog up memory? If this 'suspend' mode works, I probably won't bother closing apps.
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    here is how to do it in windows 8 CONSUMER PREVIEW: take your pointer to the very top of your screen with the app open, then drag down - to the bottom of the screen. that should close it. alternative: hit win+tab, middle-click on the apps you wanna close.
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    Am I missing something here? Surely the easiest way to close the apps is to right click on them in the left side list and select 'close'!
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    Quote Originally Posted by imacken View Post
    Am I missing something here? Surely the easiest way to close the apps is to right click on them in the left side list and select 'close'!
    I was just about to point that out, they will show up either top left corner or bottom left corner when you move the curser over there they will highlight at which point you can just right click and close them.
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    If you want to close an app, if you use a tab, point you finger from to top of the screen to the bottom same with the mouse
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How to quit those Metro Apps
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