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[File Explorer]how to keep multiple windows open ?

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    There is another very good Explorer that you might want to give a try; it is "Better Explorer." It allows you to set up tabs for browsing your drives and folders. Been using it now for about a year, and with the new version it is faster along with being quite stable. One of the nice things about it is it remembers your last file or drive you had open, thus when reopening it, it will come back up on that window. It is free.

    Oh, the website is

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    Actually, the url is Better Explorer
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    Better explorer looks interesting , will try that out. Thanks for sharing

    Seeing as we are allowed to post links here is QT Tab Bar, in case anyone is interested:
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    Here's another one: explorer++
    small: 1.8 MB, portable, tabs, shows Drives, command prompt etc...
    Explorer++ - A small and fast file manager for Windows

    Click image for larger version
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    ok thanks alot. Dint know thera re so many explorers lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by StefaNafetS View Post
    ok thanks alot. Dint know thera re so many explorers lol
    I am sure there are even mode, I remember using an alternative explorer at work but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called! lol
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    Reading the thread, I am not sure if this may be what you want?
    I often find the need to have more than one File explorer open at the same time, in different views and/or folders. I have, as usual, a taskbar shortcut. All I do is middle click for another window, then a right click on the taskbar offers "Show windows stacked..etc"
    I have no idea if there is a limit but, whilst writing this post, I opened 6 windows and selected six different folders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orphydian View Post
    ok thanks alot. Dint know thera re so many explorers lol
    This thread is a bit old but I recently got W8 so I thought I'd chime in. An alternative that uses Windows File Explorer is a utility I wrote call Fold. You make a text file of the folders you wish to open as a set. Or you can list the folders on the command line(which should work with SendTo.) It is free for you to use at your own risk. You may download from this page

    Note: The included Readme.txt has a link for donations that uses my old domain. I haven't gotten to editing all the programs yet. But the link for the download is my new domain.

    See the Readme.txt for detailed usage such as registering .fld file type, pinning .fld files to Fold on Taskbar etc..
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    I always open an explorer window and go to where I want to work, then I open more windows and point to the other folders I wanna work with. You can't open a new "My/This Computer" window when it is already open, you have to move to the folders you wanna dink with. Then you can open a new My/This Computer.

    I can't ever use a set of predefined folders, cos I use all different ones all the time.
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    You can't open Computer without using a guid string anyway. The utility is for people who wish to open a set of folders. Not for people who can't work with a set of folders. Likewise Q-Dir has predefined folder sets but it puts them in a quadrangle instead of using Explorer.exe.

    If the utility is not suited to you I suggest not using it.
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[File Explorer]how to keep multiple windows open ?
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