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Headphones Problem :/

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    Headphones Problem :/

    Well my speakers do produce sound , but my headphones do not produce even the smallest amount , NOTHING. In windows 8 professional they don't work , but in windows 7 ultimate they do work...Anything like a help ? Maybe the headphones driver? I've got TURBO-X headphones , they have got 2 jacks or cables i don't know , one orange for michrophone (which works) and one green for the headphones also USB one for vibration which is optional for their work :P

    Thanks I really appreciate your help since speakers quality = SUCKSSSSSS

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    Do you mean internal or external speakers?

    Do they sound ok, or broken, scratchy?

    A bad headphone jack will cause your speakers to not work or sound bad, and make headphones inoperable..

    Does the headphone jack work with other headphones?
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Headphones Problem :/
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