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xbox Muisc app and second drive

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    xbox Muisc app and second drive

    I know there are similar topics to this but I cannot find one that matches or a viable resolution. If I have overlooked one, my apologies in advance.

    I've just moved onto W8 and and am now aranging things; folders etc. I have the OS on a 120GB SSD, and everything else on an internal 500GB HDD. I have added my videos folder on the HDD to the same livrary as the default videos folder (on C:. the SSD), and they show up perfectly in the desktop xbox Video app. However, when doing the same for music I cannot get the xbox Music app to see the files. If I move a song over to the music folder on C:, then it shows up right away. I have no other problems seeing the 500GB HDDl it's just the xbox Music app that will not see the music therein.

    I have no idea why videos would show up in the desktop app just fine, but the music files fail to. I have added the HDD to the indexing list just to be sure, but it has made no difference.

    Here's a screen shot of the music on the HDD added to the Music Library (just like I did with videos), but is still absent from the xbox Music app. As you can see I tried aking it the default folder as well, on the off chance it had some effect. It did not.

    Am I missing siomething terribly obvious or is this just a problem with xbox music?

    PS Moving my music onto my SSD is not a viable option due to size contraints.

    Click image for larger version

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    Im not having any problem with Xbox music locating my music regardless of directory or drive, except external or network (for these certain sharing parameters must be met and/or installed).

    However my win8 installation was in April 2013.. Xbox music had an update March 21, 2013, maybe i have the update, and you should get the update..
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xbox Muisc app and second drive
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