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Start 8 Does Not Always Open to Desktop

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    Start 8 Does Not Always Open to Desktop

    I am running Start8 on my ASUS Q2OOe Laptop and even though I have Start8 set to open to the desktop on boot it doesn't always do that. About 1 time in 5 cold starts it remains at the start screen and I have to click on the desktop tile to get there. If I reboot from 'Restart' it seldom happens.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    What can I do about it?

    Thank you.

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    I have the same problem. I have Start 8 on two systems and they both do it.

    May be something in one of the later versions, as I don't remember it having this problem on the original version I installed.

    Maybe something to hit the Start8 people about.
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    I use Start8 (full version) and it has always booted to the desktop 100% of the time (no failures). Are you using the trail version or have you upgraded to the full version? Also, have you checked for updates since your initial install (there have been at least two that I am aware of)? Currently, I am using Start8 v1.12 (latest).
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    I have the full versions, and the latest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd View Post
    I have the full versions, and the latest.
    Hmm.. maybe using ancient hardware still has some benefits... hello Fireberd!
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    May be. LOL. My main system is an i7 3770 with 16 GB of RAM. The "backup" system (for my recording studio PC) is an i5 3550 with 8GB of RAM.

    My i7 system is a dual boot Win 7/Win 8 with separate SSD's.

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    Try this StartIsBack - real start menu in Windows 8 (there is free trail and its cheaper than start8 if you wan to buy it)
    does this load to desktop?
    I have used start8 for some time but replaced it with start is back. I find it more stable and it has better functionality (same as windows 7) start8 only just recently added drag and drop support, and before it had some problems to boot to desktop or you could see start screen for a bit and only then go to desktop
    start is back was good from the start and its cheaper I bought 5 pc version for 5USD that's 1usd per pc.
    Boot to desktop
    Your session would start with the desktop. Always!
    Unlike other solutions, StartIsBack goes directly to desktop every time without flashing Start Screen even for a millisecond.
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    This may help:

    Make Windows 8 boot straight to the desktop | TechRepublic

    I set explorer.exe to run at Startup instead of at log-on though.
    I boot straight to Desktop every time.
    I get a very quick flash of metro but it is so quick if I blink I'll miss it.
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    It would be interesting to see if one of the other Start Button programs acts the same way on a Start8 computer with random failures. Unfortunately, I can't do such a test because my Start8 never fails; however, in trying to hypothesize what might be going wrong, it could have something to do with the number/quantity of apps that are loaded on the Start menu. Now, in my case, my Start menu is very clean; however, in many cases, there are tons of apps on one's start screen, and I notice that "all of my apps appear" for a blinking second before I make it to the desktop. However, in other cases, there are tons of apps to be loaded so I wonder if there is a timeout of sorts involved (while Windows is attempting to load all of the app's icons)? Here's my start screen:

    Click image for larger version

    Just a thought...
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Start 8 Does Not Always Open to Desktop
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