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Booting USB Memtest help

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    Sounds like a bad USB stick or download.

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    so if you have the new ram kit in by itself with out you old ram in the computer, will not boot at all correct ?
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    The USB stick works fine otherwise. I have used it to play music in my car, transfer files from one computer to the other and stuff like that, plus it's almost brand new.

    I haven't tried only the suspected bad RAM kit. It's 2 4GB sticks and when I had them in before it would only crash/reboot sometimes. I would say probably once a day but at random times with no error messages and nothing in the event viewer to indicate any problem. The only reason I figured out it was the RAM was because I was trying to think if anything in my system had changed because I built the system several months ago.

    It was then that I had realized I had put in those new sticks of RAM and it was around that time that the system had started randomly crashing/rebooting. So I took the RAM out and unsurprisingly my system does not crash anymore.

    I guess what I will do since I can't get memtest to boot up is I will put in each of the 4GB sticks by themselves and see which one the system crashes with and just note my findings with Corsair. Hopefully they will still take the RMA without a valid memtest result....but so far it seems like it's a requirement for their process :\

    I haven't done this already because this is my only system and I use it every day to play a lot of games and such so 4GB of RAM is not ideal.
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    Naossoan Please try and make another copy of memtest86. There might be a problem with the disc. Make sure all settings in the BIOS are set to point at the CD DVD drive. Check to make sure that there is no secure boot, in either Main or Boot options. The disc should load up. If a memtest86 proof is required you'll need it. I just found my Motherboard had gone in my laptop only 3 months old....A memtest86 clarified that to the company concerned.
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    I got memtest to work finally, and thanks Tarka but I am not using a CD ROM as mentioned in my original post, it is a USB thumb stick.

    As it turned out when I pressed F8 to select a boot option there were 2 version of my USB stick in there. One was just the stick and the other one said UEFI: Lexar blah blah

    If I chose the UEFI one it would just load into windows, not loading memtest. I hadn't noticed the one not leading with UEFI previously so I selected that one and it ran memtest!

    So I ran memtest on each stick of RAM for 2 passes and it didn't give me any errors. It's very odd because my system was rebooting randomly after installing that set of RAM and when I took it out the rebooting stopped. So what else could it be!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naossoan View Post
    So I ran memtest on each stick of RAM for 2 passes
    Do a memtest overnight as they can take some time to show up. I had to do it twice to find mine.
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    ok thanks when I go to bed I will run memtest on one stick, then the next night I will run it on the other stick I guess.

    Corsair wants me to test each one individually I think.

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Booting USB Memtest help
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