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WD Black HD performance tweaking in windows 8?

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    WD Black HD performance tweaking in windows 8?

    hello guys

    I have a WD Black 2TB storage, currently Im using it to read audio files using the music application
    software Ableton Live. I will purchase an SSD for the same reason but for the next few weeks I've
    no option but to use the WD as a performance drive.

    My question is this,
    how can I set the drive to not go into a sleepy state when idle
    this is fine of course for most use cases (& it is a storage I understand) but at times I would like the drive to respond instantly (I'm sure this drive can do this) like when using Abletons browser to audition audio, currently when addressing the audio file browser I have to wait a few seconds before the drive reacts to my command
    I'm completely new to windows 8 & to date I have to say Im enjoying it
    much appreciate your advice guys

    thank you,

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    Hello techho,

    The tutorial below can help show you how to not have your hard drives turn off when idle.

    Hard Drive - Turn Off Hard Disk After Idle or Never - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    thank you Brink
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    You're most welcome.

    What SSD did you have in mind? You're going to notice a nice difference in performance with it.
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    I'm running an Intel Model 330 120GB SSD and my wife has a 128Gb Samsung model 800 SSD and both of them are great! We're running Win7 right now, but I'll be moving us to Win8 over the upcoming holiday (Easter) weekend since I have a few days off work. The SSD makes a great Windows boot disk and the WD Caviar Black makes a great data drive. I installed my 1st 3TB WD Red NAS drive in my PC and I'm very happy with it.
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    currently I have 2 x 128GB OCZ Vector in RAID0 for the Windows system
    for performance drive I would like another Vector of course
    256GB but 128GB will do just fine
    The last time I checked Windows boots up in & around 7 seconds its a beautiful system
    I built it Myself (proud me) i73930K CPU + GA-X79-UP4 MB but have no experience with Microsoft Windows
    thanks for your support I think this forum is great you guys are very helpful

    @ azasadny I also admire the intel SSD range & the reds form WD are great for a RAID1 I believe
    have a great Easter Windows 8 weekend
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    Nice setup. I have a Vector myself, and I agree that it is quick.
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    Oh theres always room for improvement as they say thanks brink
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WD Black HD performance tweaking in windows 8?
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