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Folders on the Metro Screen?

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    Folders on the Metro Screen?

    Just starting to use Windows 8, on a laptop with no touch screen. So far, although it is pretty, I don't see the new Metro "modern" start menu as being very useful, and will likely install one of the third party apps to bring back the traditional Start Menu. (Microsoft really should have included that as an option within Windows, not needing a third party app. I hope they realize that, and add it in an update.However, trying to figure out if the new Metro screen could be useful, once one gets used to it. It looks like every time one installs an app, an icon (or "Live Tile") is added for it in the Metro screen, or multiple icons. If one has a lot of programs installed, that could mean a lot of scrolling through a mess of icons, to find the app you want to start. (Even with a touch screen, which makes the side to side scrolling easier, that could be a hassle.)If, however, one could organize the icons ("Tiles") into folders on the Metro screen, to organize the programs by type, etc. (good to be able to assign an icon for each folder, so that one can distinguish them by more than text), then it could be more useful, organized, not require so much scrolling, etc. (Hell, even the limited IOS allows putting apps together in folders, although not subfolders (unless jailbroken,) Well, I would hope that app folders in Win 8 would not limit the number of apps in each folder, and would allow subfolders.) With such a folder option, it might take a while, but I might be able to get used to Metro as a start menu replacement. Otherwise, I cannot see myself ever finding it useful.Are folders possible on the Metro screen, to put apps together in?Thank you.

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    Once again, there seems to be the problem in this forum again, of carriage returns being stripped out, and a post (at least mine) (posting with default settings, from Firefox 19.02) appearing as one long run-on paragraph, making it difficult to read. I hope that is fixed soon, as it was after I mentioned it another time.
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    I noticed that happening too.
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    What do you notice happening, pparks? I will guess you mean the missing carriage return problem, run-on paragraphs? I hope it is fixed soon.I would still like an answer to my original question in this thread though, although I admit hard to read with no paragraph separation.Is it possible to group apps in folders (and subfolders) in the Metro screen?
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    Are you using the forum text box, or are you typing the comments in something else (Word, etc.) and pasting them in?

    I don't have that problem (using FF19.0.2).

    I have a problem with the indents/lists moving around in my comments.
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    You can, indeed modify the start screen a little to your requirements, as mentioned in your first post. Often, when you install software, it puts in separate help, and even homepage shortcuts. You can begin cleaning up by right clicking the icons you do not want, and, then on the bottom bar which will appear, you can remove the icon from the start menu.

    Having got through that, you can move the icons into the groups that suit your preferences- for example, make a group for all your office programs, even Wordpad and Notepad.
    When you have them arranged to your satisfaction, you will notice, bottom right, a small "minus" sign. Click that and the icon desktop will shrink. Right click any of the groups which you now see, and, at the bottom, choose a name for each group.

    This does not reduce the size of the eventual start screen, but does make it (imo) as usable as the earlier program list. Should you need some of the seldom used items, they are still there by right clicking the screen and choosing all apps.

    This is an example of one I use. Sorry the text is truncated, as I used the minimised view

    Click image for larger version
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Folders on the Metro Screen?
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