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Help! Can't get out of widescreen display

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    Help! Can't get out of widescreen display

    Hi all,

    I am a brand new Windows user, and last night my cat jumped on my keyboard and changed the entire computer's display to a sort of widescreen view. I have no idea what he did or how to change it back - help!!

    Everything looks like this:
    Click image for larger version

    Thanks in advance,

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    well, it looks like your cat is smarter than you and what is wrong with that ? Did your cat changed resolution and you dont know how to do it ?
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    actually to me that screen looks ok ,but just hit F11 to see if it changes back
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    Click on the 'cog' symbol in the top right (under the red X) and go to 'zoom' to change the zoom settings.

    If that's the problem, then presumably the cat managed to sit on CTRL and - at the same time.
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Help! Can't get out of widescreen display
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