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Asking me for admin rights all of a sudden

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    Asking me for admin rights all of a sudden

    Heres a little about my setup:

    Lenovo Z580
    Windows 8 Pro
    1 single HDD split into 2 partitions, 1 for windows / program files, the other (data) for my data / downloads etc.
    1 User account (administrator)

    This began happening about a week ago, i first noticed it when i tried to download a file via Google Chrome, when i tried to save the file to my HDD (a 2nd partition on my disk) chrome told me I don't have permissions to save to this folder and that i should try to save it to user/downloads/ instead.

    Since then i've found i am no longer able to write to that partition without either being prompted for elevated privs or being denied totally.

    For example:

    Download a file from the internet with chrome/firefox/ie
    Extracting rar/zips files via right-click (i have to open them in winrar, and extract manually)
    Create a folder in explorer: "Destination folder access denied", "You need confirm this operation"

    I have UAC Settings are set to "Never Notify"

    I've tried taking Ownership of every file/folder on my data drive
    I've uninstalled all software (there where 3 applications installed since this started happening)
    I've removed all windows updates since this started happening

    now i've ran out of things to try, so i'm posting here for anyone who may know whats causing this and how i can fix it

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendaz View Post

    now i've ran out of things to try, so i'm posting here for anyone who may know whats causing this and how i can fix it

    Thanks in advance
    Nice job of explaining. There are several preliminary things you could try: System restore to a point before the problem began and scf /scannow (run say three times--for sure until no more corruption is found assuming some is found).

    You also could try creating creating a new user account of the same type you are having problems with. Copy everything you will need to the new account (from C: > Users > Old User Account) if the new account works. Then, delete the old account. You can go back to the original user name similarly. Before you do so, make sure that deleting the original user account also deleted that user's folder in C: > Users. Sometimes this folder does not get deleted. If not, then going back to the original user name creates a minor only superficial "problem." To delete the folder, you may have to take ownership. I would not go back the original user name using any other procedure.

    Ultimately you might need to:

    Refresh Your PC—Attempts to solve system problems by replacing system files without affecting user data files. Such files still should be backed up. Installed programs will have to be reinstalled except those from the Windows Store. A list of uninstalled programs is provided on desktop. You personalization settings will be maintained. System settings will be set to defaults. A Windows.old folder will be created at C:. You can delete it once you have everything you want from it--Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8.
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Asking me for admin rights all of a sudden
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