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    Norwich, UK
    Posts : 85
    Windows 8 Pro

    Heh, Fun fact: The "Classic" Windows 7 style Desktop seems to be an app in itself. If you don't have anything else open, it's possible to drag it away and just get a blank green screen. Me thinks that's probably the real desktop, and the "desktop" app (as I'm now thinking of it) is this "WIndows 7 Mode" we were hearing about.

    Also... Microsoft are a bit more clever than I give them credit for. I was concerned about not being able to logon if the machine isn't online, and your Windows Live account is being used as your logon. It just asks for the last password used on the machine.

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    Posts : 3
    Windows 8.1 Pro

    I'm sorry guys but you're all forgetting this is pre-release software, it hasn't even gone to beta yet. You're bound to find bugs, operating system crashes and even areas of the system which don't make sense.

    The start menu for the fact, I miss the view to see all the apps I use most, but I'm sure it'll change in the future. MS have around 8 Months to develop Windows 8 further and make it a better OS. 8 Months is a very long time especially when it's a priority project.

    As for some problems, the lock screen, you can easily press the up arrow on your keyboard to "flick" the lock screen up.

    The windows key switches you to the tile view and pressing it again will flip you back to what you were doing previously.
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    Tropical Island Pair a Dice
    Posts : 3,030
    Windows 8.1 Pro x64/ Windows 7 Ult x64

    Will give it a chance, as mentioned, it is a pre-beta developers release. Maybe they want the developers to come up with some apps for improvements, and their priority is evidently the metro UI.

    Edit: (installed on VB - 'enter' key not working) - Fixed
    Added a USB filter for the keyboard.

    Takes a bit of effort to find your way around, but has some possibilities.

    They need to have the option of turning the metro UI off, and a better way to switch between the two desktops, easier way to find 'Shutdown', etc, etc.
    The metro UI might be useful as a desktop full of gadgets as long as you can switch back to the standard desktop.
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    Posts : 219
    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit

    I think they should incorporate mouse gestures that allow desktop users to jump from place to place as a tablet user might.. This may help make this a bit more desktop friendly. I am not liking the direction this is going so far...
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    I don't think MS will make the metro optional, without it 8 (as it is now) will have no USP. and I doubt 8 RTM will be wildly different from the DP, just about a year to go.
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    Lincoln UK
    Posts : 155
    Windows 7 x64/Win 8 Dev x64

    I voted 'Love It' I cant make my mind up on the metro screen, I know I shouldn't like it, but for some strange reason I do. I do agree it should be optional.
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    Posts : 5
    Windows 8 Developer Preview


    The Start Menu Search thing still works. It's one of my favorite 7 features too. Just click start or hit the windows key and start typing.

    So far I wouldn't say I'm impressed with Windows 8 but I don't flat out hate it. I'm running in on my non-touchscreen laptop and the metro interface seems clunky to operate using the touchpad mouse but I plugged in my apple mighty mouse and it was a little more manageable. My one major complaint is that since I did the upgrade install in stead of a clean install I can't seem to get my previously installed applications to mount onto metro. I would also like to see more customization of the metro window. Different color schemes and what not.
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    Windows 8 Developer Preview

    Built in color calibration. That's a nice addition.
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    Posts : 18
    Windows 8 Pro Pack

    Metro UI doesn't work for me; it's slow and cumbersome, It may work well on tablet, but definitely not on a desktop. Takes too long to use, even with a mouse. However, renaming the shsxs.dll file to shsxs.dll.old works; it gets rid of Metro UI and keeps the Explorer toolbar intact, and gives me back the start menu as in Windows 7.
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    Windows 8 Developer Preview

    I also really like the socialize app. They need to add google+ support but I like the layout and color scheme

    Anyone have any idea how to get ahold of the xboxlive app they showed at build. I thought it would be one of the built in apps in the developer preview.
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