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    Ellesmere Port, U.K
    Posts : 19
    Win 7 Ultimate x64

    Big thumbs up from this end although I do agree John that the metro is a big killer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden View Post
    10 minutes sitting at this screen....
    You're a patient man. I couldn't last 2 minutes - I tried booting from an external HDD through USB and got stuck at that screen. Now the HDD is plugged in to the mobo and it's fine (but perched temporarily on top of PC). Startup times from off are about the same as 7.
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    Like the History Vault, faster IE10 and pleased with overall performance.
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    As a desktop OS, this thing fails. On multiple monitors, it fails harder. For example, that neat window switching thing? It's activated by clicking (or touching.. whatever), 1 pixel to the left of your screen. It's to the left, ALWAYS. So with expanded monitor-desktops, you'll be struggling.

    There's a lot of things I like, most of which is already mentioned. However, this is not the state I want to replace Win7 just yet.

    We'll see what happens during RC release.

    Peace of advice: Use Windows Key+tab. They changed it to switch between Metro and Desktop
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    Posts : 3
    Windows 8

    Quote Originally Posted by arkhi View Post
    Peace of advice: Us Windows Key+tab. They changed it to switch between Metro and Desktop
    I think use Windows Key only to switch between Metro and Desktop, and use Windows Key + Tab to loop through all currently opened apps.
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    Not every program, just the Metro "apps" and the desktop.
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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Posts : 12
    Windows 8.1 64-bit

    It looks interesting, but like others, I'm also not crazy about the whole Metro UI thing, and the "click and drag up to unlock" is also annoying. I'm hoping they'll refine this or come to their senses and give us an option of what we want to use by the time Win 8 is finally released.

    I haven't really played with any of the apps though as I'm having trouble getting it to stay up on Virtualbox - it randomly crashes with an error ("SYSTEM EXCEPTION HANDLER NOT HANDLED" or something similar, "IRQL NOT EQUAL", "MEMORY MANAGEMENT", etc.), and the networking doesn't want to work either. Installing VMWare Server now to see if I have better luck with that. If only VMWare Workstation weren't $200...
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    Ellesmere Port, U.K
    Posts : 19
    Win 7 Ultimate x64

    It seems to have an android type feel to it with the slide in and out frames and then there is the apps........... It appears to be heading towards a mobile market to me...
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    Norwich, UK
    Posts : 85
    Windows 8 Pro

    Well... lets see, so far, hate hate hate metro.

    One of the things I really thought they got right with 7 was Start Menu Search. Hell I actually stopped using Desktop Icons because of it, everything I wanted was right there in front of me. Now, you click Start and you get thrown into the Metro UI, which is frankly counter intuitive to use, and the search requires you then to click what your looking for (Apps, Files, etc.) before it displays the results, unlike 7 just showing you everything and (usually) getting it right.

    It seems slow as hell, but then I'm loading it on an IDE HDD, I'm gonna try one of my SATAII's later.

    Multi-booting is just a PITA. I use Windows 7's boot manager to dual boot 7 and Linux Mint usually, and while I CAN get 7's boot menu, once you've booted Windows 8, the next time you get 8's boot menu, which a) doesn't have the Mint option (despite EasyBCD saying it should do) and b) when you select Windows 7, the computer has to then restart to boot into 7.

    If I want to get into Mint, after loading Windows 8, I have to: reboot, select Windows 7, wait for the computer to restart, wait for 7 to load, restart AGAIN to get 7's boot menu then select Mint from the 7 boot manager that then appears. WTH? I'm sensing some kind of borkageness in the boot manager there...

    Oh, (saw someone comment on this earlier) if you want to pin your own apps to Metro, then they have changed the location of the start menu, it's now at: C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. It's also administrator only.

    I'm not entirely crazy about not being able to close Metro Apps either... I notice in Task Manager they are marked as "suspended" which I assume means they aren't using resources... but still.
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    Posts : 545
    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Looks like an OS designed for non-desktops systems, I'd rather keep using Windows 7 instead of this
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