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    Windows 7 x64 SP1 Home Premium/Win 8.1 in VBox

    Quote Originally Posted by Airbot View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by kado897 View Post
    Oh dear there is no escaping Metro. If you open a link or HTML file from the desktop it opens the Metro version of IE.

    Guys, I made a tutorial for this the other day.

    Nice find

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there W8 seems great
    there is a way to shut of that metro stuff - I posted in W7 Forums before I knew about this Forum

    Windows 8 -- Here's a Trick to disable the HORRIBLE metro apps GUI !!! - Windows 7 Forums

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    Suckers getting hammered at the poll.
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    Windows 8 Developer Preview x64

    I've only been using the developer preview since yesterday, but I am already loving the overall Windows 8 experience.

    And even though I am on a desktop with your standard 4:3 monitor, I still find the Metro UI extremely intuitive and interesting. A simple scroll of my scroll wheel quickly moves me around in the Metro UI, and finding apps to run is even faster than on Windows 7. Just hit Windows key, type in app, press ENTER and opens!

    Windows 7 was a 10/10 in my books, and so far Windows 8 is a huge 10/10 as well. I still really can't wait for the full release.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

    I'm using it on my laptop. The start icon looks weird. They should make it transparent, move it to the middle bottom of the screen.
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    Win 8 (8102)

    So, I've been running this for a couple of days now, and I have to say, I really like it. I wish they'd released it with a little more functionality (Live apps, for starters!). At first, I was like many of you, wondering what MS was thinking using the Metro UI for desktops? But then, after some customization (move this, remove that, etc.), I've begun to see some of the power in it. The live content in the widgets is great, and can only get better as time moves on. My only regret is that I went from dual monitors to a single large monitor recently. I think the Metro UI is more suited to a dual monitor setup. You could have your live content on one screen, and your browsing, word processing, whatever on the other.

    What a lot of people seem to be missing is the fact that MS may actually get the desktop, laptop, game console, phone, home theater setup, etc. talking and looking similar enough that we won't care whether we're on our laptop or our Xbox. It will all be the same. That's innovation at it's finest.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    I think it's rather awesome, it's not a Metro Monster though. I find it new and quite interesting to use, albeit it is kind of a learning curve since it literally took me two days of use to finally figure out the new Metro interface and how to shutdown without going everywhere. Seriously, I was trying to shutdown and I was freaking out because I couldn't get to the little power icon in the Lock Screen without being logged back in!

    But yeah, there is the fact that Metro seems to dominate more, I'd prefer logging into the Desktop than the Start Screen, but that might just be the catalyst for people to use it. I for one, don't want to become the person that still uses a Start Menu that looks like it's from Windows 2000. I'd rather progress with right now than the past. The nagger to that is since it's a developer build, Start Screen context menu integration isn't there. Pinning things to the Start Menu doesn't equal a pin on the Start Screen. Oh! Windows Search needs to be more efficientized for Desktops. That is annoying to hit Win+F to search and then click on what header for it to search in. Gee willakers!

    Boot times are freaking amazing! That one video off the Building Windows 8 blog from Microsoft showing boot time on a laptop, I honestly thought that was SSD boot, not hard drive. I'm really thinking that since this is the Developer Preview and not the public beta that Microsoft might already had finished, we might see that stellar boot time on hard drives! I'm so freaking excited!! I enjoy the shutdown and restart process. I welcome it.

    The thing is though, how the in the heck are we supposed to hot-swap hard drives? Since Windows 8 using kernel hibernation, the problem occurs just like when you overclock your system and resume Windows 7 from hibernate; the system doesn't recognize it. The only solution to that is restarting. Although that doesn't take long, but still, that kind of slows things down some.

    I don't know if I will end up not installing Kasperky 2012 on 8 since it already comes with STD protection installed. That really needs to be tested. But part of me thinks I should since I do a lot of scanning of foreign drives for cooties.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    The whole shuffle through open windows and apps by clicking and/or dragging them from the left of the screen is quite cool and intutive.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    I'm going to spam one more time. :nerd:

    Honestly, I think the best way to describe the Metro Interface is best put this way: Windows Classic interface met Windows Aero interface and had relations with one another and their illicit lovechild was named Metro.
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    Vanilla 8 Pro x64

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I'm going to spam one more time. :nerd:

    Honestly, I think the best way to describe the Metro Interface is best put this way: The Windows design team confused gaudy with aesthetically pleasing. Metro is the result.
    Fixed for you
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