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A Few Concerns

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    What have they done to the recovery options??

    Instead of the usual list of system restore, command prompt etc., now you get some moronic icons with one ominously titled advanced options- that lets you go into the command prompt which is reached after some sort of semi-boot. And they've locked up the good old Recovery folder, I needed to take ownership of the darn thing to take a peek inside! I think I'll move out the files and create my own..

    PS- don't do the things i do, i can afford to wreck things. :mstickle:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill2 View Post
    Have been playing around with the preview last coupla hours. Quite disappointed. Its like a touch UI tacked on to good old win7. After disabling the UI with that reg trick, its the same.
    Give it time, there's a long way to go yet before the finished product. However, I'm glad if it doesn't deviate too much from the direction they were going in with Windows 7 as they did a damn good job on it. Be a bit silly to make it completely different.
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    If its not that different, I want a free (OK, cheap) upgrade. Of course its a wip but really theres no new thinking. Not that i'm not happy with win7.
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    A few hours of messing around and I want to rip out the Start window with my fingers. Monstrous.
    I did the gpedit change to not show it at startup but it doesn't work. I did notice that hitting the Win key toggles between Start and desktop as usual, but still...
    Can you add your own items (programs, folders, files) to Start? Pinning hasn't worked so far.

    Install was a bit quicker than Win7, but I bet that's just because it's a Preview version. I am quite happy with the square edges on everything, and the copy/move function is fun - efficiently managing multiple large files, with the option to pause or stop them individually. Hard to say anything else positive at this point. But no doubt much to discover later.

    I haven't been able to find an easy way to save folder view for similar folders using the same template - in Win7 you could go to folder options from any folder and click Apply to all folders - can't find the shortcut in Win8.

    I notice we have no choice but to use Home Group now.
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    Debugged, unless you're hot about the metro UI, you can disable it with a reg tweak (you know about that, don't you? if not lemme know). After that the start menu behaves and i can pin unpin.

    Looks like the darn thing created a homegroup on its own, but just go to control pane- homegroup and leave. worked for me.

    I prefer workgroups but its a bit buggy yet.
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    Thanks Bill - I tried a group policy change, obviously wrong. The reg tweak does get rid of the start window, but takes with it all the other new things I liked or wanted to experiment with, like the Explorer setup with folderband sort of merged into the titlebar, and the menu morphed into the ribbon, also the new copy/move features.
    While I had Metro disabled, I was able to set up the folder views for all templates easily, as the access to folder options was back - not sure if it will hold or not... and I left Homegroup - I have several computers networked already w/o homegroup, so that would have been a pain.
    So if there's a way to choose not to start from the Start screen, but still keep the other new features, I would like to know, or for MS to add it.
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    Not really a concern but can someone please point the way to services so I can disable the usual suspects. For the life of me I cant find it and am sick of going back and two between the flippy screens.

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    I'd just like to say that I do like Windows 8.
    The panel works well for me on my desktop.
    I never used the start menu on 7 unless I was trying to open a less used program, as I pinned all my all my icons to my task bar.
    The start menu for me was cluttered, and there was too many crap entries in it.
    A quick press of the Windows button on my keyboard then opening up an app works great, and the integration of all the mobile type app's like the facebook/rss feed app seems like a step in the right direction.
    I know it's hard to accept change from the style windows has been since 95 but just breathe.

    Two different versions of the control panel is definitely not needed, and lack of options to customise the start menu is killing me too, I want to try adding some other programs onto the menu, and maybe customise the icons other than just smaller/larger. A guide when starting using the OS for the first time would definitely be handy like the mini gesture guide in Lion.

    I can't see a reason why people would lose productivity in the new start menu other than the initial learning curve. If you customise it well, i'm sure it'll work wonders for most people.

    EDIT: Start using your windows button if you have one. Rather then dragging your mouse to the bottom left hand corner. Also add "My Computer" as a tile, helps me out alot.

    EDIT 2: I was thinking of turning my pc into a hackintosh due to how stale windows was getting for me, this might of changed my mind .
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    Quote Originally Posted by RST101 View Post
    Not really a concern but can someone please point the way to services so I can disable the usual suspects. For the life of me I cant find it and am sick of going back and two between the flippy screens.

    Press win key + R, that'll bring up the Run box, type services.msc, hit Enter.
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    The double arrow next to the Action Center flag will give some more options like the Win7 start menu.
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