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Pirated disk info needed:

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    Pirated disk info needed:

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to tell if a Microsoft dvd is fake?

    I bought office 2010 pro early last year, installed it the three allowed times. Wife got new puter today, I uninstalled the office from the old one, installed on the new. It would not activate, said it was invalid number. I called Microsoft and they asked for the key - gave it and they infomed me it was pirated.

    It came in ms type box, has coa inside and looks like all other ms disks I've gotten - ????

    Any info would be appreciated. I've I was duped so be it, but don't want to be a dupe until I am sure

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    Did they say why they believe it was pirated? Could they be looking a the 3 installs you already did with it?
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    They said that it had been activated six times. I had only activated it 3 times. This would indicate something is wrong.

    There is an x16->>>> number on the back and the same number is on the front. He said this proved it was pirated.

    He was not always logical in his info and was in the Philippines so just wanted to double check - if anyone knows for sure.
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    6 times is a pretty conclusive argument for a pirated copy, or someone swiped the key and has used it even though the copy is real. Either way your out of luck.
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    It proves someone else has the key OR Microsoft is in error. Trying to figure out which.
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    Microsoft has pretty good records. I think Ztruker is right - someone sold you the thing and had already used all 3 keys. From where did you buy it.
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    Okay, chatted with MS and they gave me this addy to know if dvd's are valid or not.

    How to Tell

    Guess what - I'm a dupe :-) but glad I can help MS clobber they seller if they can, there is a link on the page to submit a report and they request the dvd, hopefully they will get him.

    Thanks for the comments!

    I REALLY appreciate the quick help on this board.
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    Thanks for the link, good information there.
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    I would strongly advise that you complete and send off the counterfeit report.

    I bought a retail copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 2 years ago which looked completely authentic, holograms, COA sticker,packaging etc. I installed it on a laptop and it activated and was used until the hard drive and screen of the laptop failed.

    I then reinstalled it on a different computer but it would not activate. Successive attempts produced a message that the License key was locked. A call was made to MS support. They told me that the key was locked because it was a business copy of software and should not have been sold as a retail use copy. They told me to send in a counterfeit software report, which I did. It took some time trawling through past records to find original sales receipts and sellers name but it was required.

    The counterfeit report was accepted and four weeks later i was delivered a complementary copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exscentric View Post
    Okay, chatted with MS and they gave me this addy to know if dvd's are valid or not.

    How to Tell
    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    Thanks for the link, good information there.

    Although it does say on this link:
    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft
    With the exception of Product Key Cards distributed with Certificates of Authenticity (COA’s), Microsoft does not distribute products keys as standalone products.
    How would they describe the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade product key that they emailed out to me then...?
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Pirated disk info needed:
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