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startup items dont start sometimes on bootup

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    windows 8.1

    startup items dont start sometimes on bootup

    I didnt have this problem in windows 7 and it makes me want to go back to it sometimes because if this glitch.

    windows 8 boots and after logging in,sometimes doesnt start programs that are set to load.

    EFI installed with GPT

    intel 2600
    16gb memory
    nvidia 580gtx

    2tb drive

    I have fastboot disabled

    programs that sometimes dont load

    msi afterburner

    logitech mouse software (without the software my g5 mouse is slow

    hp software


    rebooting the computer fixes the problem and all programs load.

    this problem also happens on a fresh install after a couple of week

    and the event log is field with errors stating the service could of start, failed start, couldnt find service.

    I ran chkdsk,sfc and all passed.

    and like I said rebooting the computer loads fine and event log for the reboot shows no errors.

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    Welcome. You could try system restore if you know about when your problem began this time around. And, you could try automatic repair (may need to run multiple times--say 3) to return things to normal. Not saying the problem won't come back even if one of theses fixes helps temporarily. Don't know why your problem just develops over time.
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startup items dont start sometimes on bootup
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