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PC Sleeps then it goes 2 lockscreen and requires password?

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    PC Sleeps then it goes 2 lockscreen and requires password?

    It's a HP Pavilion 23 desktop. New. Windows 8. For 2 months it's never done that. When it comes out of sleep it comes to the lock screen and then asks for a password. I don't mind this when first in the morning booting up. But in the 2 months I've had it ... it never did this. I have had a number of Windows updates recently. Could that have affected it? Is there an easy fix or option toggle? Thanks do much! Jack ":-D

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    Man, if I can't get an answer to this in a Windows 8 forum then where? I can't imagine the solution is that hard, once you hear it one time. 58 have viewed and not one know the simple answer? ":-\
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    Okay, I spoke too soon. I was finally able to word the question correctly so that Google gave me the right answer. Sometimes that Google is picky. Here's the answer to my query.

    How do I change the password requirement when my computer wakes from sleep?

    I had used my screen saver for the first time the other day. I turned it back off later. Somehow, I don't know whether by default or I checked it, the box that requires a logon again after returning to a pc with the screen save one was checked. NOTE: even though I had turned the screen saver off, it still was working on the checked box saying the user had to log back on. I guess that's solved. Praise me! ":-D lol
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    Sounds familiar. Happened lots of time on two of my Win 8 computers.

    There was frequently some wackadoodle mischief going on.

    Yes, the updates could have caused it. I went through some rough patches and bumps. It got pretty bad. I had my pro Guru fix things and I ran some Spybot Search & Destroy. Now everything runs like a fine Swiss watch.

    You have several options for sleep. Extend the time. Tell it it never go to sleep. Dispense with log on entirely if practical at your place. Set it to log on automatically.

    Since there are no other users here I just set it for automatically log on. *( But on it's own it reset and asked for the password ). So I just got tired of fooling with it and now when it reboots it asks for my password. I just go ahead and type it in.

    There are other options: You can use a 4 digit pin to log on too. Or a picture.

    But let me say that after I boned up on all of the current cyber mischief, hackers, cruisers, bandidos, data miners and so on, it became apparent that the problem is growing. Some of these have software set to cruise constantly trying to break your code, hack you E-mail, steal ID's and personal information.

    The Win 8 defender and firewall are deemed not sufficient protection.

    All things considered I just tolerate typing in the password when required. It is recommended at 8 combo of letters, upper case, lower case, and symbols. These combinations of such a password are said to required possibly decades of effort to run trough all, trying to use brute force. However, there are also "people" who sell passwords and E-mail user names.

    And if you are wireless some Guy cruising the streets near you can access your computer too.
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    Wetibbe: I might have posted as you were posting but I have a solution for this in the message above yours. Thanks for your time to help. Jack ":-D
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PC Sleeps then it goes 2 lockscreen and requires password?
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