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Problem, i just cant figure why it does this on Windows 8

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    Problem, i just cant figure why it does this on Windows 8

    Hi everybody

    on my HP Laptop, if my battery dies while i`m on it (sometimes does if i forget to plug it in )
    when i connect it to a charger.. i then press the power button on and Windows 8 starts to load and gets 1-2 minutes in and the screen goes black and just freezes, i then have to press and hold the power button in, which then turns it off completely
    and then when i then restart the laptop, windows 8 loads perfectly, its really annoying! why? how do i make it STOP doing this "hanging and freezing"
    it also does the same thing when i have full power and the latop is charged, but when i close the lid, the laptop powers down... when i open the lid and press the power button on, it hangs again!


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    It sounds like it "trying" to go into hibernate but failing. That or your hiberfile.sys file is getting corrupted. Closing the lid may be putting it into a hibernate of fast boot mode that is drawing battery power. If you unplug it in this mode the battery will eventually run down and you'll get your glitch on the next boot. Having failed to boot correctly, Windows may be auto recovering on the next boot. I'd check your power options and see what its set to do on lid closure, and what its set to do when you press the power button. It may be set to sleep instead of shut down.
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    Try turning fast startup off: Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8.
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Problem, i just cant figure why it does this on Windows 8
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