Has any one else experience abnormalities after resuming from sleep? I haven't done anything special with my laptop, most of all the programs on my laptop came from the Asus website.

Whenever my PC resumes from sleep, it refuses to open any application, Asus Smart Gesture crashes, so I lose my ability to scroll/slide to open charm menu, Google Chrome/Firefox similarly crash and refuse to reopen. Even restarting the computer doesn't work, because its stuck on the Restarting page.

However if I hold power button on the case, to forcefully shut it down, the PC will restart within a few seconds and works perfectly.

Device manger doesn't show any errors with drivers, but could there be a problem with the SSD not resuming from sleep?

There were no issues when running Windows 7.

Asus N56VZ
Adata SX900 256GB (the only modification)

I also noticed from day 1 that the hot keys to increase brightness freeze up when you get the higher ones, same goes for the back-lit keyboard, and wireless ON/OFF.