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Will 90 percent of users always hate Windows 8?

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    Quote Originally Posted by medab1 View Post

    I agree with you.
    But, like I said, Microsoft has its own agenda.
    Windows 8 is what it is.
    We can't do anything about it.
    Except tweak it.
    I have contacted Microsoft asking for changes.
    Maybe they will listen or they won't.
    Lots of people should contact them.
    Numbers count.
    Microsoft may well have its own agenda, but it's forums like this, tech sites, and third party software developers that are shouting loud and clear that what Microsoft has delivered is not what many want. Windows 8 may become a very salutary lesson for Microsoft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post

    Windows 8 may become a very salutary lesson for Microsoft.
    ​I hope so.
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    thanks for the replies
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    Quote Originally Posted by medab1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post

    This--- To put it in a nutshell ~ Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.....

    No disrespect towards you intended.
    Windows 8 has issues that do displease some people.
    Finding work-arounds & ways to make the Win 8 experience better is the way to go because Microsoft has its own agenda.
    Peace & love my friend.
    But there shouldn't have to be a need for workarounds. That's what so many have been saying.

    We understand that you can force and beat Windows 8 into submission, to work the way that you want, but how nice it would be if it simply worked with you from the very beginning and asked how you wanted it to perform.

    Then there would be no need for marines or peacekeepers, everyone would get along amicably from the outset.
    Ray, this is what I don't understand. This evokes such vitrol from folks like you that I know are so much more savvy than I am about tech things. I'm sure I couldn't hold a candle to your knowledge. It may have been in the beginning of my experience with Windows 8 I might have stamped and cursed and called it work arounds, but now I realize it was just the learning process of some new technology. You will continue to call it inadequate until you learn it. I really like it. Now ya'll been using the military thing, I was a sailor, many years ago, during a thing called Vietnam. The military have new devices and technology thrown on them at rapid intervals. They don't have the luxury to stand around and whine about it and pine for the old days of a wooden box and dynamite. The do have to adapt the new technology to the hardware they have and learn to make use of it. It doesn't come with a brain chip to implant in their head so they know it instantly. This is an overused axiom but, If I can do it almost anyone can. I have and XP machine right here, runs good, kept it lean and it's 7 years old. Guess which one I'm at now. I find the XP machine very dull and boring. I think this has always been the PC experience with change. It happened when Windows 98 went to Windows 2000me and every other upgrade. If you want that sort of complacent non-change looks like the old days on the desktop I suggest a Mac. So now ms medab1 you won't be the brunt of all angst here. I've jumped in and I don't know why I bother. I'm having fun on my machine. Let the whiners and complainer and criers just continue. Man, that's not a way to settle this down but it's very close to truth. ":-\

    Oh and by the way, saying a great majority of folks think MS didn't deliver. I find that's true because a great majority of people are the same when it comes to that old thing called human nature. I have been on Facebook for over 2 years and I cannot believe the whinging and crying that happens every time they change something. You'd think they just took paint and painted over their great Aunt Martha's tin-type. Moaning and going on and it's enough to make me want off it until it settles down. So the great majority of people are just that way. They don't like change and having to learn or re-learn. But that's what keeps the brain alive and young. So the argument that "the great society" does not like it doesn't impress me. That's just human nature speaking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post

    Some people are too superficial in determining their analysis of Windows 8.
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    I think the problem of updating windows to a new version is that we have to go through a whole new learning curve. I liked XP but when I updated to 7 I found it hard to get use to and now I have got 8 that needs time to get use to. I think that the installation of Classic Theme would cure most peoples negative thoughts on windows 8.
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    I think we have exchanged all the arguments that are possible. At the end, everybody has to decide for himself/herself whether to use Windows 8 or not.

    I have been using Windows 8 for a year now and find it interesting as a study object. But for my production systems I prefer Windows 7. And that is not because I don't want to learn Windows 8. I think I know as much about it as the next guy and I made a whole series of tutorials on it.

    Windows 8 just does not feel right and I don't want to be taken hostage by M$. That's why I now installed Linux Mint Mate as an alternative OS. That is a very slick system and may well be my next OS when Windows 7 has come to EOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    I think we have exchanged all the arguments that are possible. At the end, everybody has to decide for himself/herself whether to use Windows 8 or not.
    Mr.Whs, you are obviously right. And I mean that sincerely, why look at all the credentials and the things you've written. But when it comes down to it, like you said, it's individual but it is an attitude that sometimes needs adjusting. Your alternative system that you like is probably a sweet thing if you say so. I'd be inclined to look at even though I don't know what it means and entails. But be sure, not matter how slick and sweet this alternative OS is, basically, the same people would complain. I don't know what you mean by Windows 8 doesn't feel right. When I first got this new HP with Win8 2 months ago the poor XP filed for divorce. I neglected it terribly. But when I went back to it to start taking some of the big programs off and cleaning it up for a more "retired" use ... it didn't feel right ... and it doesn't feel right when I use it now. I am enamored with the new Win8. I love the "live" tiles ... the more the better. Makes for a very interesting desktop. But one thing I'll say in bowing out ... I respect your knowledge and wish I had just what your little pinkie would have in my own head. To each his own I guess. but I am one complainer that learned I could change and love it. Even at the tender age of SSI. To all a G'day! jack ":-D
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    There is a lot of traffic going down our residential street.

    When they have completed work on the road fairly nearby - that trafiic will go down there. It is a slightly more direct route and much faster for the traffic.

    It is also a relief to the residents.

    That is a change - a big change. It will be met with delight.

    Your idea that people complain at change is completely false.
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    Facebook for over 2 years and I cannot believe the whinging and crying that happens every time they change something

    Hve you considered that might be because the changes are intended to benefit Fbook - not the customers. I have no idea what they are - I don't really use FBook.

    Could be any number of things - pushing more ads at the users - making things less private, etc.

    I think you will find people may not like that.
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Will 90 percent of users always hate Windows 8?
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