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Issue with right clicking files and running as admin.

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    Issue with right clicking files and running as admin.

    I recently downloaded a game called TERA, and when I tried right clicking it to run as administrator, my screen went gray and my desktop icons are rearranged.
    I can't open my documents icon either, I get the gray screen as well.
    I tried system restore, and it said it was missing files.
    I can't use my computer well at all, please help
    This is my computer, have the link.
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    Did you try older System Restore points?
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    TERA seems to have quite a reputation as a trouble maker.

    Initially the impression was that you were infected, and that may actually be, but it's common trouble.

    Windows 8-64 bit is very advanced. Lots of people have lots of problems with lots of software and outdated drivers. Your problem is most likely one of incompatibility.

    Problems often occur in the Windows kernel. This takes very lengthy explanation but the short answer is that there are numerous ways, means, methods of languages used in the kernel and some of them clash with strangers of a different language.

    I do not mean to send you away but you will be well served by visiting the TERA forum and the TERA game website where you will find lots of descriptions of lots of problems with that game. And I do mean lots.

    But first order of business here is to uninstall TERA immediately.

    I do not recommend software but Spybot, Search and destroy is a free download with no strings or gimmicks that has proven to be dependable.

    If your system doesn't come back to normal you have been seriously corrupted. That's a real problem.

    Windows 8 recommended making several discs and it has a trouble shooting features. These should be used IF you made them. If not, it's too late for that. But be careful, check out the disc features carefully. Some will save your files and some will essentially wipe your hard drive.

    Lastly, worst case scenario: It you have lost files and had tiles/icons rearranged on your desk top, or some disappeared, you may need to hire a professional Guru to clean up the mess. There are some things that can't be remedied from interchange on these forums. The Gurus take over your computer remotely and use some software.
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Issue with right clicking files and running as admin.
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