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My Computer and Control Panel blank after a time

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    My Computer and Control Panel blank after a time

    Hi – Any suggestions would be gratefully received for anannoying problem I am currently experiencing with my PC running Win 8/IE10 .
    At random times during the day, I lose the Hard Drive/ DVDDrive Icons in the ‘My Computer’ and all icons in Control Panel . On both pages Ijust get a blank screen with ‘Empty Folder’ message, and a blue ‘Search Bar’ at the top. Also, when the faultoccurs, I lose all the Thumbnail Icon pictures of my Photographs, leaving justa white square with the name of the photograph beneath.
    If I double click on the white square, the photographappears normally jn Windows photo viewer.
    Rebooting returns the PC to normal for a couple of hoursmaybe, but eventually the fault will reappear.
    I have run Kaspersky AntiVirus, MS Disk and Registry , butall report ‘No Problems’. Tried to run scannow but keep getting 'try as administrator' when I am the administrator ?

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    Hi Hamrag8,

    To run sfc /scannow, find the command prompt on your machine and right click "Run as Administrator" before typing the text.

    Click image for larger version

    You might also want to check your hard drive for errors while you're at it too!

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for that - will try it the next time the fault appears
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    You're welcome and good luck. However, why are you waiting for the fault to appear again. IMHO, you would be better served by running sfc /scannow "right now" and also checking your hard drive for errors "right now" to see if either fixes your problem and prevents your problem from returning. Just my opinion...
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    Ran scannow and came up with 'No fault found' Just run again. during fault conditions, and it reported "corrupt files found and successfully repaired", but problem still existed, so have rebooted again and now awaiting to see if fault re appears. Ran Chkdsk, earlier and No Fault found .How do I open the CBS log file to see what scannow found ?
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    Left the PC on overnight and still working OK this morning, but within an hour of reading emails, and Forum messages, same fault re appears. Is it something causing a corruption in the WiN 8 System, Dual booted to my old WIN 7 Pro OS and worked perfectly for the rest of the day !! Time to dump WIN 8 ?. Just realised Win Live mail is a lot quicker on WIN 7, than it was in WIN 8. Could that be causing the problem ?
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    Here is a snapshot of what my 'Computer' page looks like under fault conditions
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WIN 8 Problem 1.jpg   WIN 8 Problem2.jpg  
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    I now have problems almost exactly like yours. Any resolution or information you can add about your situation?


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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    I found this:

    My control panel is blank [Solved]

    Try doing what it says, there is a Group Policy Edit that tells it to not be hidden.
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    After trying many suggestions without success, I finally reinstalled my backup copy.
    It was only 3 months old so was not much of a problem to bring it up to date.
    All the best.
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My Computer and Control Panel blank after a time
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